1x1 RP, A LOT of RP pairings inside!

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  1. Hiya :3

    I'm bored here and I'm looking for 1x1 RPs. c: I have a few 'rules' first off. c:

    At LEAST a paragraph, if you can.

    I have pairings, but if you have a pairing you want to do, let me know; I'd love to hear it!

    I generally RP romance and fantasy, BUT! I'm willing to try other genres, so let me know what you'd like to do. ^.^

    I prefer PMs over Forum RPing, but it depends I guess

    I'm not on as often as I'd like, but I'm working on that.

    Grammer, spelling, and punctuation is key to me :3

    The plot will be a team effort, you put in effort in the RP and I'll put in effort and the RP, so it won't just be on one person ^_^

    I don't really particularly care on what gender I play, I'm experimenting :3

    So yeah. Comment or message me if you're interested!


    Pairing List! The bio may be rendered N/A based on what pairing you'd like to do.

    Rating System! 1-5 *s, 5 means I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA DO THIS ONE GUYS LIKE SERIOUSLY THE PLOT CAN BE TOTAL s**t I JUST WANNA RP THIS ONE, and 1 being Yeah, this would be not as much fun as the others.

    ;;Here We Go!;;

    Arranged Marriage****
    Assassin x Target
    Test Subject x Test Subject *****
    Human x other magical being
    Angel x Other magical being
    Fallen Angel x other magical being***
    Prince/Princess x Spy of other country****
    Good girl x Bad boy**
    Princess x Prisoner***
    Researcher x Test Subject*****
    Tutor x Bad student

    Good girl x Bad boy
    Boss x Intern
    Boss x Employee**
    Royalty x Servant***
    Royalty x Royalty**
    Boarding School Roommates


    I'm open to other suggestions, so let me have them!


    Smut is fine, but I refuse to do PWP. (Porn without plot ) I will only partake in smut if the RP legitamately leads up to it.


    I'd love it if you could fill this out for your character and post it or PM it to me before we start, just so I have an idea of who your character is. c:










    Nationality: [ What's their heritage/where are they from?]


    I feel like I'm asking for a lot ;_;
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  2. Don't worry, I don't think you're asking too much.
    But I'd totally be interested in doing Good girlxBad boy, HumanxMagical being or Fallen/AngelxMagical being.
  3. Oh yay another partner :D Great I haven't done those pairings yet so I would love to try one of them out with you
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  4. Awesome! Which one would you most like to do?
    If be cool with any of them, obviously
  5. I'd like to try Human x Magical being, I haven't tried that one before as of now
  6. Awesome!
    Wanna talk over PM?
  7. Yeah, we shall xD
  8. I'd love to roleplay with you. I'll PM you when I get off work.
  9. Arranged Marriage, maybe combined with the Prince/Princess x Spy of other country idea?
    Sounds fabulous!!
    Let me know!
  10. I've never thought of that, sounds like a great idea :O
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