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  1. Hello Darlings! :bouncy:


    Does anyone want to role-play 1x1 with me? I have a great idea, so hear me out. Reply with what plot you want to play or if you have an idea of your own and a character summary. I usually only would want to play females, but I will play males too. Also, when it comes to sexuality, I play mostly straight or bi or pan, and all these next post are straight, but I will also play any bxb or gxg. Lastly, I will also do sex scenes, I don't care how steamy they may get. So let's get to the rules first.
    1. Please be active and intermediate with your writing. (I understand writers block though)
    2. No getting mad at other people for choosing a plot before you, I may play the same plot multiple times.
    3. You can come up with your our plots and stories if you want to play with me. :)
    4. Have Fun
    5. No bullying
    6. Just a simply request, all characters must have blue eyes (in my plot)
    7. Keep the story going.
    8. put a smiley face on your post if you read the rules

    My Plots:
    Farm Girl and Lost Boy


    It was the middle of summer, a time when the cows in the field would huddle up in the disappearing shade under the only tree. A light breeze made the tree sway. The sky was blue and bright as a young girl tiptoed on the porch. She was an average farm girl; deep tan, cowboy boots, shorts and a flowing shirt. Her arms were well-define and her legs long and smooth. In the distance, in the barn, a man called. The girl perked up and started to rush to the sound. "Addy," the loud, boisterous voice said," Adeline, come here a second."
    "Coming father," as Adeline came closer to the barn, she slowed. "Yes?"
    "Could you go to the woods and check the well? The water isn't working." The man was tall and dark. After a long day of work his face was smeared with oil. His hair was greasy. "Take Taz with you." Without looking at his daughter, he went back to work.
    "Yes father," she sighed. with her head down and a dog by her feet, Adeline trudged towards the woods. Happily, the dog ran ahead until abruptly he stopped. His ears pinned back, growling. "S'matter, boy?" Suddenly, the bushes shook. Addy took out the knife, she carried around out of her back pocket.

    Addy is a farm girl and as she was out in the woods, she heard something. It was a boy. He was out in the wild for a while after he ran away (you can come up with why). Being a nice person, Addy takes him in, but her father can't know or he will do something, something bad. She has a boyfriend, but they lowly fall in love. (It's a bad plot; but will be fun)

    Adeline Rae Moore


    nicknames: Addy, Ade
    age: 16
    birthday: December 14, 1998
    hair color: Blonde
    eye color: blue
    Appearance: Addy is a tall, blonde hair girl. She has blue eyes and long legs. Adeline has a flat stomach and average sized breasts. Her lips are full and plump.
    Personality: She is kind, but I want to elaborate more in the story.
    Secret: Her father is abusive when he drinks and doesn't love her.
    History: Her mother and little sister died a year ago in a car accident. She was in the car and the only survivor. Her father, Matt, hates her now because he blames her. Addy also blames herself.
    Boyfriend: Lucas Granger. They been dating for 18 moths. He help her through her mother's death.
    Color: Blue
    Animal: Dog, especially Taz (border Collie)
    Food: Spaghetti and garlic bread
    Place: The old tree house in the woods
    ~Tall guys
    ~Blue Eyes
    ~Older Guys
    ~Good Personality
    ~Younger Guys
    ~Bad Personality
    ~Abusive guys
    ~Sexist pigs
    Other: n/a

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