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  1. Well i want to do a romance either MxM or FxF the two will already be a couple and we will portray them throughout major steps of their relationship. This wwill be set in New York and right after their graduation. May be doing this in PM
  2. <-- Is interested.
  3. Nice to see u have interest but do u mind shortish replies?
  4. I don't mind, as long as I can respond to them.
  5. Ok well how long will u need to develope a character and do u want m/m-f/f?
  6. Small Character bio: About 15 minutes to think and write.

    Detailed: 25 minutes at most.

    I'm leaning a bit more towards F/F to break me out of my comfort zone in RPs. But if you prefer M/M, that's fine too.
  7. Actually id prefer f/f so a like 2-5 sentence character bio would be perfectly fit for me.
  8. Understood. Should I post it here or in the PMs?
  9. Also do u want smut or no either way im fine?
  10. Smut is fine.
  11. Kk thats good info
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.