1x1 Roleplays anyone?

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  1. Hello I'm grapedrank and am looking for someone to roleplay with. I'm not too demanding as a partner, I just ask that you use proper grammar and spell check and I will post as much as I'm given to work with. On that note, I'd love to be able to roleplay with someone on here and have a few ideas or concepts I'd like to try out.

    A few things about me:
    Right now I only play female in a MxF although if you have a good plot, you could convince me otherwise.
    I'm also willing to do MxM.
    I can post about once a day, often times more, but that all depends on my schedule.
    Romance is a must for me - I love it!

    The ones in italics are the ones I'd prefer to play:

    Prince X Blacksmith
    Prince X Knight/Bodyguard/Mercenary
    Noble X Commoner
    X Supernatural Creature (i.e. vampire, werewolf, faerie, etc.).
    Vampire X Werewolf
    Supernatural Creature X Hunter
    Supernatural Creature X Paranormal Investigator
    Robot/Android X Scientist
    Faerie X Artist
    Actor X Writer
    X Civilian
    Superhero X Superhero
    Pirate RP
    Treasure Hunter
    X Treasure Hunter/Journalist

    Let me know or message me if any of these interest you and we can create a plot to go with it!
  2. Faerie x Artist and Creature x Investigator and android x scientist all sound really interesting

    I have a couple of characters on standby, a cyborg (failed experiment on a civilian injured in a war gave him a few souped up aspects and the trauma split his personality a bit. romance is a totally new concept to him) and an incubus (cheesy, i know. he's disenchanted with sex after being forced to do it daily to live, so at this point he'd be moping about, making a bit of mischief and wishing he could be human again)

    I'd prefer to do a M/M roleplay and I have more detailed plots if you wanted to use them~
  3. I would love to hear more about these plots they sound fantastic! I love the idea for the cyborg one and I'd be up for some MxM
  4. Hello there, I would love to do a Prince x Blacksmith or Robot/Android x Scientist. A Pirate RP sounds promising as well, so if you would be willing to plot out something with me, send me a PM :)! I don't mind either MxF or MxM.
  5. Great I'll send you a PM and we can talk further!