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  1. Looking for an active partner that would be willing to roleplay with me :D Just to get it out of the way unless it's slash, I only play female. And if it's slash, I like it to be either balanced or I'm willing to play the sub. I only ask that you write about a paragraph or so, the more the better! I'll always reply with an equal amount of what I'm given to work with.
    Here's a list of pairings/settings I like and anything in italics is the one I would prefer to play (anything with a * means I have some ideas we can work with):

    Anything Steampunk
    Fantasy/Modern Fantasy
    Vampire x Human*
    Faerie x Human *
    Faerie x Psychic/Fake Psychic *
    Werewolf x Human
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Alien x Human
    Supernatural Being x Paranormal Investigator *
    Superhero x Superhero
    x Villain
    Superhero x Citizen (I'd play either in this one)
    Prince x Commoner
    Prince x Warrior/Soldier *
    Commander x Pirate
    Actor x Writer *
    Class President x Outcast*
    Popular Guy/Bully x Outcast

    So yeah! That's about all I've got! Let me know if you're interested in something, or if you have an idea of your own. I'm pretty flexible and I'm always open to new ideas. In fact, I love some hearing ideas people come up with or building a plot with someone (it gets me so excited to roleplay!) So just let me know! :D
  2. How about a witch and a prince? The prince could be a bad guy acting good and the witch is actually a nice lady?
  3. If you already have a plot in mind, I'd be interested to read them. I'll let you pick which one you're craving for out of the three and which role you want to play and I'll be going along. :)
  4. Great I'll send both of you a PM! :DDDD
  5. If you are still looking I'd be interested in anything that has to do with werewolves or vampires. :)
  6. Great! I'm always open to new RPs! :D I'll send you a pm!
  7. Class President x Outcast and Popular Guy/Bully x Outcast sounds interesting! PM me?
  8. Great! I sent you a message and we can flesh out a plot :D
  9. Wow, I like a lot of these!

    Im most interested in steampunk, vampire/faerie x human, supernatural being x paranormal investigator, superhero x villain, or actor x writer. (wow, that's most of them though) so yeah, tell me what you prefer via inbox or reply!
  10. adkl;jfaflkgja yes!! I would love to RP with you! I hope you don't mind if I play a female character though Either way I'm so excited! Since you're new, I can't message you quite yet so I'll just post here. But honestly, I'm willing to do any of those! Steampunk would be fun except that I don't really have any ideas on where to go with that, but if you do please share! Vampire x Human I've always loved and Faerie X Human is something I've unfortunately never been able to roleplay but would love to do at one point, Supernatural being X Paranormal investigator just seems like it would be fun and we can cross that over with a vamp/faerie X human if you like! After watching the Dark Knight Rises, I'm also up for anything superhero, and I do have somewhat of a plot for the actor X writer one that I never got to try out :D
    That's about where I stand on all of those pairings xD If I said anything that tickles your fancy just let me know!
  11. Oh, we'll would you like to try the actor/writer one? It seems really interesting to me. Like maybe the script writer for the movie/show the actor is in or...?
  12. That's exactly what I had in mind :D Like the writer writes these novels that are being turned into a tv show and the writer is also writing the script and the actor stars in said tv show and it's about how the two interact
  13. Ok, cool! Where should we do this? I'm still new at this and I've never actually rped on a forum before aaaahh
  14. Well, I suppose we just have to create the character skeletons that have the Name, Age, Appearance, Personality, Biography, and if you want, I'll start the thread in the 1x1 roleplay forum and send you the link
  15. I'd be interested in one of your faerie roleplays, if you're still looking for another one to one.
  16. Alright, cool.
  17. Sure! I'd love to! I'll send you a message~