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  1. Genders I'll play ::
    Females only. I'm sorry, I've tried playing males before. It just doesn't work for me.

    Romance or Smut ::
    Romance. I'm not the smutty type.

    Straight or Lesbian ::

    Genres I like to play ::
    I like fantasy and horror. I can do modern as well though.

    Things I wont do ::
    I wont do Pre-Made characters. I also would rather do mild language. I don't think I have problems with anything else.

    Grammar Requirements ::
    Just no text chat and use quotations when your character is talking. That's all I ask.

    How often will I reply ::
    If the RP has my interest, I will reply quite a few times a day.

    Replying expectations for my partner ::
    I want you to be active please. I don't have school so I have almost nothing to do, so I depend on this site to keep me busy.

    Plot Ideas ::
    I don't have any. I'm open for ideas.

    Where I want to Roleplay ::
    Either by PM or the 1x1 forums.

    How should you contact me ::
    PM or just reply to this. Either works.

    I posted this again because my only partner who didn't completely abandon me without word has been inactive, and with all this free time I have, I've began to grow bored. Please please please, if your going to RP with me and then decide you don't want to, then at least TELL ME and I'll understand! Its really upsetting to just be dropped without a word!
  2. Hi my name is Lorelei!' Umm I was wondering if you wanted to do a 1x1 with me!! I can do almost all the things you have listed!! Umm plz reply!! I do have school bit that won't stop me from replying at lunch/during breaks!!
    Umm you sons like agin person to RP with soo plz give me a chance!! You won't be disappointed with the rezults
  3. Sure, I'd love to RP with you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.