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  1. Looking for:
    -Males or females, it doesn't matter to me
    -straight or gay, it doesn't matter to me

    Motifs and themes that may be featured:
    -Alternate dimensions

    Not listed here? Tell me! I am VERY flexible about what themes are introduced.

    I am super busy with school, and the periods of panic tend to be clustered together. Some days I may post huge paragraphs of detail, some days I may not post at all, and that is just the way life is. I'm sorry if I skip a few days or even a week at a time, but it's just a very hectic world.

    PM me or respond to this thread if you are interested and I will get in touch with you about planning out the plot and characters and such.

    When you message me, PLEASE INCLUDE:
    Your name
    Your gender
    What themes you would like to use
    How often you will be posting
    Post length
    Any specific things you will/won't do
    Other things I should know

    Thank you so much!
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  2. Hello!
    • My name is Spiral AA.
    • I'm [BCOLOR=#ffff00]female[/BCOLOR] but I can play as male characters if necessary.
    • I'll use any of the themes except [BCOLOR=#ffff00]Action[/BCOLOR], just because I'm horrible at it. [BCOLOR=#ffff00]Violence[/BCOLOR] is fine.
    • I'm not a huge fan of [BCOLOR=#ffff00]smut[/BCOLOR] roleplays and am a huge sucker for[BCOLOR=#ffff00] romance[/BCOLOR], not much else is important.
    -Spiral AA