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  1. Alright so I have this idea that I really want to do, and I would like someone to be interested in it enough to help me make it come alive!
    First off, I prefer if you do NOT post one liners. A paragraph or two would be nice.
    Second, I want to play the female in this plot. Normally I wouldnt care, but I want to play the female this time around.
    Third, have fun!
    My plot idea is this:
    Young mother of 19, has a baby boy. Father is a drug dealer, and a mean son of a bitch. She finally got away from him, and took the baby with her. She runs into the male character and they form a relationship. They can either just be getting to know eachother, or knew eachother from high school or something. Either way is fine with me. Anyway they get together, and then BAM the ex finds her. And something bad awful happens or it doesnt.
    We can go from there once that happens.
    Any takerssssssssssssssss??
  2. Hello, I can do males well. Feel free to check my current RPs. I tend to do strong willed to dominant. My good guys are rough. My bad guys are redeemable at least in the eyes of their romantic partner.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.