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  1. "Come on!" Corrie let a soft, barely audible giggle of excitement escape her lips. She quickly dodged a tree, one that she could have sworn wasn't there a moment ago, and ducked under another low hanging branch a few moments later. She considered idly going a bit slower, but excitement ruled over cautiousness every time. "It's right up here- I can almost see it!" She was, of course, referring to her new-found favourite place in the world- a small clearing in the middle of the forest, filled with little white flowers that seemed to glow in the moonlight. She had thought, child like, the first time she saw it that they were almost like stars on the ground. It was the most breathtaking place she had ever been, she thought. Then again, her favourite things changed as often as she changed clothes, and she never had been one for commitment. "Hurry up already!"
  2. "On my way!" William shouted as he pushed several branches from his face. As soon as he got closer, she danced even further away. "I swear you're either a fairy or I'm just stumbling fool." He attempted to leap over a fallen log, but almost plants his face into the ground. Reorienting himself, he looks towards Corrie. She almost seemed to be shining among the pale flowers. William spoke under his breath, "Yeah... she is most definitely a fairy of this forest." His footsteps continued to follow her, trying to match her graceful pace.
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  3. Corrie felt the corners of her mouth turning up at his words, and felt for a moment slightly betrayed by her own facial features. However, the feeling faded as she landed in the clearing, and turned on her heel to face William. .She curtsied in the most graceful way she could muster, even managing to wink quickly before getting a long curl of hair stuck in her mouth and sputtering slightly in a very Corrie-like way. Her freckled nose crinkled for a second before the look was washed away, replaced with one of awe as she fully took in her surroundings. "We already know you're a stumbling fool, but I feel like a fairy here," She whispered, though the wood was so silent her words were clearly audible. "It's even prettier than the first time I came."
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  4. Corrie's words were surely understated. William had never seen such beautiful place in nature not that he would often hike this far into the woods. He was a man of the city, born and bred over asphalt and under concrete. William had certainly seen plenty of pictures of nature, but to actually be surrounded by such sight and smells was an entirely different experience. "You, little lady, are not just a fairy. Corrie, you are in fact Queen of the fairies. Only a Queen has such a kingdom this beautiful," William teased as he grabbed her hand, "Now where do we go from here, oh Queen of the Fae?"
  5. Corrie instinctively wove her thin fingers with his, her wide blue eyes still taking in her surroundings. "I don't know," She admitted and tilted her head up to look at him. She hesitated for a moment before continuing in a sheepish voice, "I sorta got too scared to keep exploring after here. But I figure even the Queen of the fairies needs a brave knight to protect her sometimes." Her words were teasing, paired with a slight, dimpled smile that she never could manage to stop. It was an affectionate gesture, though she always tried to disguise it for a mocking one. "Even if the brave knight is a stumbling fool like you."
  6. William chuckled, "Well, little fairy queen, I Sir William shall escort you ahead." He moved forward without hesitation. Their entwined fingers gave him a strange sense of peace as he entered deeper into the woods. Moments like these were such a rarity and he certainly treasured every second of it. His chestnut eyes touched Corrie's own blue eyes occasionally. The quiet of the woods revealed only their soft breathing. But steadily as they continued, the air seemed to stiffen and a small buzzing sound grew. Uneasiness crept in slowly, and William held her hand a bit tighter, "Do you feel that?"
  7. Corrie, startled, clutched his hand tighter, her fingers turning white with the pressure. "F-feel what?" She whispered in a voice that was supposed to sound brave. It came out more like a whimper than she had intended. The air around her was thick, she thought, though she couldn't be sure if the buzzing was a figment of her over-active imagination, or if it was actually growing louder. "If you pull some trick on me, I'll... be angry at you." Even her half-hearted threat came out meek and more pitiful than her typical, much more creative and not-so-threatening threats.
  8. William's chest pounded with growing fear. He didn't want to make Corrie worry, so he smiled and brought her closer. The nearness of her warmth did thaw a bit of the fear welling within him. They came up to a steep decline where a few trees had already fallen. The surrounding area had already grew dark as the trees obscured most of the light. This seemed to be a much different place than the previous clearing. William was reminded of story his mother had told him about a little girl walking within the dark scary forest. It had certainly gave him a fright back then, and that same emotion was returning. He had to remember that she made it out alive. At least the thought she did. William couldn't quite remember. It seemed so long ago. Too long. There was light in the distance. It seem to bend and oscillate. "Is that a fire ahead?" whispered Will his mouth just inches from Corries ears.
  9. Corrie nodded quickly. "Probably just some campers, that's all." She responded, though she kept her voice at a whisper none the less. It was only logical that it was someone camping, of course. She was always over thinking things, and realized this had to be just another case of her over-active imagination, like most of the things she found terrified her. Yet despite that, she didn't start speaking normally, or loosen the death grip she had on William's hand. She told herself it was the eeriness of the forest around them that was putting her on edge- not the buzzing that was becoming painful or the thickness of the air or the fact that there were no sounds of laughter like what would normally be heard from around a campfire. Corrie turned her head slightly to get a better view, her grip on his hand tightening to the point that it was probably growing uncomfortable.
  10. Her words seem so logical yet for some reason he felt it was entirely wrong. He wanted to believe them and perhaps in doing so he can reign in these strange feelings within. William wasn't sure why, but something compelled him to go closer. It wasn't curiosity, but something more primal that urged him on. When they were close enough, it was plain to see that there were multiple torches set up. There was even a large bonfire in the center. It was not uncommon for parties in the forest to be like this he thought, although it was illegal. Surely it was simply a party, but something told William otherwise. There was movement in the darkness that burst into the light. They wore strange dark clothing. It wasn't a solid color as if aged paint was splattered over time, leaving splotches here and there. Four of them were carrying someone else. It was a woman. She seemed to be unconscious. William didn't know what to make of this. His heart pounded so fast within his chest. He looked to his side to find Corrie still holding his hand. His eyes were looked into hers as if yelling at the wrongness of this scene. "Corrie," was the only thing he could say. The rest of the words was unnecessary.
  11. Corrie stood rigid, her hand locked in William's and her eyes glued to the scene unfolding in front of her. They were just walking in at an odd time, she was sure. Maybe the woman had just fallen asleep, she reasoned, and was being carried back to the camp. But she couldn't see any tents set up, and under the buzzing she could detect a faint chanting, growing louder by the moment. "W-William..." She murmured, unable to take her eyes off the odd figures. "I-I think we should-" help was the word she wanted to say. Leave was the word she knew she would say. She said neither, however, as her eyes caught the light of the fire glinting off what seemed to be a very, very large knife and it was all she could do to stifle her cry and hide her face in his shoulder. "Oh my god," She choked out, and realized with horror that her cell phone was back in her car. "William we need to help her," She sniffed, her words slightly muffled by his shirt.
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  12. "I want to help but..." William's words trailed off as his eyes widened at their actions. The group of people dragging the women had now placed her onto some sort of stone table. No, he thought. It wasn't just a stone table. It was an altar of sorts. There were many candles around it, and much of it had a darker shade as if it was colored in something. He felt Corrie's fear which only amplified his own. This was utterly insane. He could not stop staring as if his eyelids were forced opened by an unknown force. The group surrounded her and formed a circle with their hand. The buzzing gotten louder and louder. Now a new group was walking in and it seemed like they were escorting someone important. It was a taller women in a much more strange and ceremonial outfit. The red in her clothes shown like bright highlights. She approached the women on the altar with such grace, it seemed unnatural. Her young face, seemed at odds with how she was revered by the others. A wickedness cracked through her face as her mouth widened in a foreign ecstasy. A man to her right presented her with something. She seemed so happy as she received... a large ceremonial knife. William wanted to jump out and do something right there, but he felt so weak under the strange leader's presence. "No. No. No...." tears were coming out of his eyes as he suspected what will happen next.
  13. "We have to go." Corrie heard the words in what she knew to be her own voice. Still, it surprised her to hear the words out loud. Her speech was detached, as if someone beside her was speaking, and she would prefer to think of it as that, if she was being honest. Her mind rushed to justify what she was doing, a thousand thoughts all jumbling up, and her head felt like it was splitting in two. She knew there was no helping the woman on the table. There were too many people. Someone would hurt her. Someone would hurt William. After a few seconds even her own thoughts became indistinguishable to her. She turned her face up to William, her eyes surprisingly dry. "We need to go now, before they see us." It struck her now how odd it was that in most situations she was the innocent, bubbly and outgoing one, yet somehow the situation had flicked some switch in her head, and all she wanted was to stop existing. Not die, per say, just to not be alive for a while.
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