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  1. My characters all have images that I can link if you're curious before discussing a thread.
    I'm comfortable playing both sexes and all kinds of genders (I have characters on the transgender spectrum) and sexual orientations; I am also comfortable playing characters with certain disorders or disabilities, be them mental or physical.
    I mainly do real life roleplays, but I have characters that are fantasy. Keep in mind that some of these are characters I've had from a long time ago so some of the character sheets might be long. I'm also not that good with plots but I'm great with characters, so any of these plots would be up for changing.
    If you want to check out a fanfic RP then this is the link: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/fandom-chaos.93749/
    Plot 1: My character Reagan is a pre-op transgender male who is into either gender (that means FTM) moved away from his hometown when he was in his freshman year in high school after a traumatic incident. Your character would be a guy or girl who knew Reagan back when he was still "Rachel" before he moved away. Your character may or may not remember him or notice something familiar about him, but it goes from there.

    Plot 2: My character Nicky is a straight female who is the nicest person in the world. Your character would be kind of an asshole and the two have no real business being together, but for some reason he likes her and she starts to have a positive effect on him.

    Plot 3: My character Colby is a polygender person who is anatomically female. Your character could be someone homeless who they take in off the street because they know what it's like to be homeless and don't like to see anyone else suffer like that and it can go from there, however we choose or it ends up going.

    Non-Developed Ideas:
    2 male twins x 2 females who aren't related
    fem vampire x any other species
    MC is a teen in a military family who just moved to a different country from America and YC is in their high school and befriends them and kind of shows them the ropes. [I'll play either gender]

    Sorry if this is long or a pain in the ass! It's my first one outside of my fandom one. Gimme time to get used to this :D

    For a look at the characters mentioned or eluded to, please click the following links:
    Chase Michael and Chance Matthew
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  2. Hi! I think I may very well have a little bit of an idea for a jerk for plot 2, if it's still free?
  3. It is! Did you wanna talk about it here or in inbox?
  4. Let's go to PMs, I tend to chat a lot about each rps. :)
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