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Is the idea of a family silly ?

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  1. Okay. Here is the deal, I am dying and I mean absolutely dying to get a good old fashioned RP going. I want to do something that most people don't do anymore, which is bring a family into an RP. I want to either 1. Have our characters court and have a family or 2. Already have started a family.
    Now don't go running off just yet because it sounds all "boring and shit" what I am wanting is not something just centering around a family but something that is haunting that family like maybe they are running from something?
    Could it be a nasty cult that wants to kill them and use their family as a sacrifice? Ehhh that sounds a little...well weird, but I would be up for it still.
    Or is it a family on the run from some killers that were hired to kill the father? Was he a CIA man that knows too much? Or was he just somewhere at the wrong time?
    I really want to do an RP of some sort, with a mixture of horror suspense romance and family in it. Hit me up if your at all interested in at least formulating something with me.
  2. I like the idea of a Family oriented RP!
  3. Awesome! Send me a PM when you get a chance okay? ;)
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