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  1. Ok so my other thread had died and no one else wanted to join in... so I'm making a new thread and hopes on getting more people to rp with... (not to mention my last partner did not want to rp with me anymore cuz I did a few short posts... (i only do that when I cant figure out what to type...)) anyways I have several plot ideas but I'm also open to other plots:

    Anyways I mostly play female characters and rarly male ones just saying... ok moving on

    1) a boy/girl could run into each othervduring an appocolypes and somehow have to find a safe place and mange to escape (there could be a possible romance. We can descuss this later)

    2) boy/girl and one of them could be a hybrid/or powers of their choice. Boy/girl finds out when a fight breaks out during school. People will start to call him/her a freak and it would just go on from there. (up for discussion)

    3) there is a war going on and boy/girl are on opposite sides. They find each other in war, but each are too evenly matched. So for now they both back off. Eventually they fight again but this time their helmets come off. Things heat up from there on. (up for discussion)

    Thats all i can come up with... if you have any more ideas then we can discuss it

    Well I'm also up for doing anime rps even though I'm not all that good with them...

    for now that's it...
  2. I like the second plot idea.
  3. Heh many ppl do :3 wana go pm to disguss details?
  4. I also really like the second plot.​
  5. well i can do the same rp with u then lol
  6. Oh, good! Thanks!​
  7. i'll pm u my character info as well as u do the same and we can disguss there lol
  8. Alright. ​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.