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  1. Hi all! I'm back from a writing hiatus and miss rp like crazy, especially one x ones. I have a few characters and some ideas, some of which are still rough. I'm completely willing to discuss your plot ideas too, or start from scratch if one of my characters catches your eye!

    A little bit about me and my style: I'm a bit rusty, out of practice, so be warned that my first few posts may not be stellar. I'll still do my best of course.

    I'm not super strict about post length. All I ask is that you put detail into your posts and help drive scenes forward. I understand that posts can get short during dialogue and combat, so I don't want to put any pressure on you as far as minimums go.

    Back in the day when I posted regularly my lengths were generally one to five paragraphs each, most often two or three. Like I said before, I'm ok with keeping dialogue and combat posts brief when there's a lot going on between our characters. Although posts with very little description are often irritating, I also find that forcing something to be longer than necessary makes things tedious and sometimes even stressful, and no one wants that.

    As a slightly dyslexic person who never got the hang of semi colons, I'm not super strict about the mechanics but I'd like knowledge of the basics of grammar and whatnot. Please proofread before posting. Mistakes do of course slip through, so that's ok, I just ask that some effort be put in to the quality of the post.

    My goal is to post once every one to two days minimum, but recently my schedule has had a big change so that might have to change. I'll keep you posted wherever we decide to talk OOC.

    I prefer to post IC on a thread. OOC can be on another thread or through pm.

    Genres I'm up for: high fantasy, modern fantasy, post apoc, sci-fi

    I love having groups of characters. If one for each of us is all we need, that's totally ok, but I'm also game for two to three primary characters per player. It all comes down to what works best for the rp!

    I play males and females equally, and they're usually hetero-romantic and either asexual or grey-a, since that's what I'm familiar with.

    Romance isn't something I'd like to pursue, though if something develops on it's own, I won't be inclined to fight or discourage it either. Just know that it's not something I write often, since I find it can pull focus from the plot.

    Character types I've been known to play: apprentice, trained but inexperienced person just starting out on their own, brother duos (or two guys that are so close they might as well be brothers), child of an enemy turned good. It can get cliche, yes, but I love my characters all the same and do my best to make them believable.

    here are my character profiles (WIP- some are in the process of being edited, some are new and subject to change)

    here is my precious baby who I want to use more than anyone else right now

    I think that covers everything, if there's anything you'd like to know please feel free to ask on here or pm me any time.
  2. Sounds like we have a lot in common--think we could try something fantastical? Catri looks like a neat character, he'd be high fantasy, right? Do you have a general setting or would that be something we'd brainstorm for a specific RP?
  3. He is a high fantasy character, and setting could go either way! Catri is pretty flexible, especially when it comes to where he is. He can go just about anywhere, so long as there's plenty of magic. I've even plugged him in to modfans before :)
  4. Oo, I'd be interested in your high fantasy characters :) I can't say I'm extremely well versed in that setting but I do love magical elements and building on new worlds ^_^ Looking at some old characters and inspirational pictures (since you say you like having groups of characters each) I think I could even have a merry band of thieves brewing in my brain (well, maybe not thieves, but we could figure that part out brainstorming in PMs lol)
  5. High fantasy would be fun, though I could see one of those post-apocalyptic-gone-magical societies working too. I have ideas but I'm not sure how to start brainstorming them...
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  6. @Verona that sounds great! Sent me a pm and we can start throwing around ideas :)

    @Michelle the Editor a post apoc fantasy sounds really cool, we can brainstorm in pms if you'd like! Im sure we can find a way to build on that concept :)
  7. All right, PM's it is! Hopefully it'll turn into something workable.
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