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  1. HELLO!

    I'm currently new to this role-play site, but not new to roleplaying. (previously on RolePlayGateway™)
    I'd like to start off with a one on one first on here. I consider myself a very literate person, and I am capable of writing mutiple detailed paragraphs. I love fantasy, mixed with real life situations. So If I sound interesting already we should hook up. ;)) I'm just kidding. But seriously message me, or reply to the thread and we can chat~

    1. Two art majors who work together on this major rural in Sydney Australia. But they hate each other. Their two minds just can't work together. But when a third person comes in, someone who helps them work together, they figure out that the both of them, they aren't so bad.

    2. An immortal who sees this one person each in every 100 years, and falls in love. No matter what, this person dies, then reappears. Always waiting for this person to come back, the Immortal heads to alcohol, and once this person shows back up again, it's time for them to work up the courage to talk to them.

    3. I NEED IDEAS ;-;​
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  2. Interested in maybe scenario 2.
  3. Would you like to pm me or add anything onto it?
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