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1x1 Partner Search

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by zaybel, Dec 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi my name is zaybel,but you can call me zay or zari.I'm female 13 and looking for a 1x1 partner and or closed group role play.I do any fantasy,one direction,seasons,some fandoms you'll have to ask about,books also have to ask here,I do have a one direction plot though that would be you playing zayn and me playing the boy of your choice for a girl.I don't care about how much you write as long as you're on a lot I get out of school at 3:10 but won't appear on until 3:40ish,I'm looking for some one in my age group also side note I'm gonna sound dumb but,can someone explain not me the mature content rule?

    Plot No.1-One Direction;Have you ever been asked the question,"If you could spend a year with one person locked in a room,but at the end of that year,you had to kill them who would you pick?"Zayn was,and he picked a girl of no special meaning.Just a drab bland normal girl,a girl who was expected to marry the preachers son and be a good little church mouse.He picked the one who never spoke to anyone outside of her friend group,the shy one who held onto the bible with a tight grip when she was told to.When he answered with her name,he expected nothing to happen,he expected the old woman to laugh her way out the door and leave him be,he certainly hadn't expected a freak storm to hit and the lights to go out and to wake up in a room,a room with her,rose bushes tattooed on their arms,and a whole wall covered in a note that said,"When the rose bushes bloom again,the year is up,and so is her time."

    Song based;I'd love to do something based on Dark Horse by Katy Perry,which I'm currently working on a plot for,and maybe Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran too.

    Plot No.2;Maybe a group of people see a shooting star and make a wish. Instantaneously their wishes come to but little did they know they now owe the “star” a favor. The star is personified as (cool older fc) Each character will have had a talk with this “star” who will demand something. As the people bask in their granted wishes, some of people’s lives are unraveling due to the "star".

    That's it thanks for looking,Have a safe and Happy Holidays,

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.