1x1 Partner Search (MxM)

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  1. Hello there i'm VicexVersa I'm looking for people interested in 1x1 male roleplays.

    • 1-3 paragraph posting length
    • Basic eligible grammer (I like to give people of all grammer levels a chance, I will be satisfied as long as I don't have to struggle to read and or make sense of your post)
    • 18+ only please
    • Try to post once a day (i will be lax on this rule as I, have been put in circumstances where I may not be able to post every day, note I tend to post at night hours and when I do have the time to post, I like to post slot)
    • Sex ratio depends on the partner I always start with a ratio of 50/50 but if my partner is more lustful I can always give him more, if he wants more story I happy to do that as well
    • I in most cases play bottom or versatile. I would rather not play top.
    • Morenatsu (summer vacation) Human Oc x Cannon
    • Sonic- Sonic x Tails, Sonic X Of
    • Final fantasy (13) Snow x Hope
    • (Redrusker) Kyle x Sea Salt
    • (Mario) Bowser X Oc
    • Pm me with any other ideas
    Original (some what)
    • (Note all original rolplays can be Anthro/furry)
    • Teacher X Student
    • Room/dorm mates
    • Hit man X apprentice
    • Demon x human
    • Assassin x target
    • Students
    • Man x orphan
    • Pm me with more ideas
    Detailed plots
    1. I loved you. A young boy watched as his best friend died in a car accident. From that day he has never been able to forget the event. One day though a boy shows up at the Oc's (-young boy, now grown) High school. Oc hangs out with the new boy. The new boy has a secret he is actually the boy who died that day. He has been reborn as a being that hunts Demons. The new boy/ Oc's former friend must keep this a secret along with his true feeling for Oc as he protects the town and most importantly If

    2. Long (open)

      Mc=My character
      YC= Your character
      (Can be switched)
      Yc is part of a gang working for the mafia. He falls in love with a woman, Mc's mom to be precise. Yc is turned down, soon to learn that a higher up in the mafia is her casual sex partner.
      This casual sex partner eventually impregnated MC's mom, and she gave birth to Mc, against her partners will. He allows this to skip by though. MC's mom eventually falls into a dark life of alcoholism and drug abuse. Yc still not completely over her dose his best to care for her and young Mc. Eventually he leaves the town, for a *job*
      At the time he is gone, Mc grows up to the age of 14 with two close friends. His mom on the other hand is just as deep into her bad ways as always. Mc takes odd jobs to support the family and allow them to eat and have a place to live, along with the help of the mafia boss (casual partner) he doesn't know about. MC's mom becomes pregnant again and the mafia boss will not allow her to have another child, but she refuses to abort. So the mob boss kills her by slipping a bad drug into her usual drugs. Mc is on his way home from school that day, on his usual walk home a group of cops stop him and explain that his mom is dead. Mc is broken, the cops explain that he will be going to foster care. Mc doesn't want to though, and runs long and hard from the cops, miraculously he gets away. After a few days out on the street a man offers him a ride. Mc takes the offer wanting to get home and pick up whatever belongings may be there.
      The man does not take Mc home though, but instead to an alleyway to be used. MC tried to put up a fight, but can't do much, he gives up. Then he has a bullet, the main dose two and he runs off. Now in the alley is Yc, staring at Mc.
      YC still remembers MC, and has heard the news about MC's mother. Yc forcefully takes the struggling Mc to his place. Soon, though Yc is called out for a bit. Mc who is unbound plans his escape and explores the apartment. The door is locked and the window is too high, he is stuck there. In the closet of Yc's room his finds weapons, he begins to mess around with them. He loses track of time as he is lost in a trance enticed by the danger and the thrill of what he is holding.
      Mc plans to shoot his captivator Yc when he enters, then he would escape. Instead, he is scared shitless when the door opens loudly. Mc hides in the closet and is found by Yc. Yc pulls him out and sits Mc down, he offers him food, and then without any other options explains everything to Mc. Their connection, MC's mom, The mafia, what Yc dose and the fact that he would be taking care of Mc as long as the child was obedient and could keep his mouth shut.
      MC agreed to the terms under one extra condition he wanted to kill the one who killed his mother. After some convincing YC takes MC as his apprentice, giving MC a chance to have his revenge.
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  6. Im still looking for interested partners. All role play ideas are still open and more will be added soon.
  7. A new plot was added a bit ago, check it out. (Still open and looking for interested partners)