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  1. Hi! I'm Ella and I'm looking for an Rp!

    ~ * ~ A Bit About Me ~ * ~
    • Right off the bat, I'm going to say that recently I've taken a disliking to rps where the male takes the dominant role. It just drives me up a tree. So unless you're willing to double up to at least make it more interesting, you might as well leave now. Sorry, but no. MxM I guess is okay, cause I guess one of them has to fill the dominant role in a way, but if you want to do that, I really would prefer to be the submissive just because almost all the time I'm playing dominant. Not that it bothers me that much. Now i'm just babbling. I'm going to shut up.

    • I do FxF, MxF and MxM. It really doesn't bother me as long as it has a good plot. I am more comfortable with MxF though, just because I am heterosexual.

    • I'm fine with playing any gender. Just pay attention to the first bullet.

    • My rping style varies so I'm sorry if you must roleplay with an Advanced roleplaying partner or something. I can range from three paragraphs to four sentences. It just depends on my mood, how much inspiration I have and what's going on in the rp. So I don't really have a requirement for that.

    • I do however, have a requirement for grammar. I hate when people roleplay in a Give-No-Fucks style - if they know they're doing it or not. So really, just have correct grammar otherwise I will chew you out on it. As long as you can form a correct sentence, don't have run-ons, make logical sense and can spell 'two' correctly, we should be good.

    • I'm kind of obsessed with Master x Slave roleplays at the moment. So if you'd like to do that, be my guest, just know that if I'm the Master/Mistress, I can get pretty evil with the BDSM and punishments and all that jazz. It's my specialty.

    • I don't have a preference of doing it over PM or Thread, as long as we chat about it over PM first.

    ~ * ~ PLOTS ~ * ~

    [Plot 1bb]Twisted Love

    There's a store on the corner of 5th Ave. Just your regular old, beat-up, run-down, shitty-looking (and smelling) dollar store. At least, it is on the outside, and that's what they want you to think. You see, if you go up to the Help Desk and say the 'magic' word, you're taken to the basement, where it ain't your ordinary dollar store.
    It's an underground slave trade. To be specific, sex slaves are traded there, though, of course, they have the fancy-schmancy multi-purpose slaves.
    No matter the purpose though, there's always two categories. The Broken-In ones; the ones who are submissive, obedient, docile - the ones that know their place. And the ones that need to be Broken-In, the ones fresh off the boat. Which category you choose, though, is up to you.

    "To teach your slave their place, you don't just break their pride. You destroy it."

    Muse A is a dom/dominatrix, and loves being one. So, of course, they'd go to the slave auction. It's easier than hunting down a wo/man that won't call the cops. Loving the thrill of breaking they're slave in though, they op for the second category, and chooses Muse B. Muse B is prideful, rebellious, and far from submissive. But that's just what Muse A likes. It makes the Fall all the sweeter. Muse A's ways have never failed, are fairly efficient, though they might be seen as unusual (AKA, Dirty). Yet Muse B is stronger than they first thought.
    The battle of the wills is about to go down. And both are intent on winning.
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  3. I really like your plot. I love these kinds of plots to be honest, but I guess we both have the same problem with finding a good Dom :( If you would be willing to play the dom, I would love to do twisted love as a mxm rp. Yet I am already dominating in 15 rp, so yeah I would really like to be the rebellious sub. However I completely understand if you are not up to it, I just thought I give it a try :P
  4. I'm up for it I guess, though it would really be nice if we could do two? (One with the dom being me, the other with it being you, both can be MxM) They wouldn't have to be the same storyline. I do have others, if you're interested in seeing them. I didn't get a chance to put them up before accidentally clicking the wrong button. >.< Which is so embarrassing. I might just post another Thread that's actually finished.
  5. I'll try doing an rp with you
  6. Alright! Shoot me a PM! >.< Sorry for not replying! For some reason it didn't notify me.
  7. Just thought I'd drop in and tell you this is a pretty good looking RP ^__^ Sadly, I'm a male dom/mostly play a dom character (loving/affectionate) so I don't think it'd work out with us. But I wish you well on your search!
  8. I have a char that would be the perfect rebel sub, but I only do MxF (my char being the F) sorry :(
  9. I would be intrested.
  10. Well, I mostly put that up because most of the time I'm forced to be the male dom, on another role playing site I'm on, but I'm starting to learn that rp partners are much more diverse on this site which is actually really exciting. On the site I was on before, everyone wanted to play as virtually the same character - a girl who pretends to be all that but when it comes down to it is super submissive and shit. And then they all want me to be the male dom because no one on the site wants to' play a freakin' male (Sorry, I'm kind of ranting xD). So, the gist of that paragraph is that I'm more tired of playing dom males than anything? I should probably change that.

    It might depend on the storyline. Anyways, if you would be interested in rping, PM me?

    I do have other plots if you would like to rp! I'm actually thinking about creating another thread where I'll actually have all the plots (I've probably said that at leats twice now but this time I actually mean it xD). If you would be interested in hearing them, PM me?

    Alright! Shoot me a PM love ;)
  11. Sure thing :)