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1X1 partner needed!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by AssiduousGhost, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. What I'm looking for is someone who'll want to do a Pokemon RP with me. I prefer that our RP be similar to the ones like the game/manga. I ask that you reply 1-3 paragraphs seeing as I do post quite a bit. I also ask that you be active. I'm not asking that you force yourself to post dally, but to only post when your in the mood or at least when your 'feeling it.' ^-^

    Maybe we can share ideas and post them together? Or we can become friends and learn from each other??? All I'm asking is that you at try and no god molding either please.

    If anyone is interested in this please do PM me! I'm always open for questions and am willing to listen to ideas and thoughts about our future RP!

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  2. I'll do it with you!
  3. Hello, hello :D! I'd be interested in a Pokemon RP, preferably something a bit more serious than the anime. By any chance do you have any plot ideas in mind? If not, I'd love to brainstorm. I don't know how to send PMs at the moment, OTL.