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  1. Hello there! It's been a long time since I've done a roleplay, and while I may be a bit rusty, I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with this website! I have character ideas set up, some more in-depth than others.

    My writing style isn't the best in the world - I'll admit. But, hey? At least I try my best!

    I don't really have a strict post limit as it can be not only stressful on me due to school and outside life but to the partner as well. (past experiences have proven then far too well) Just please at least a paragraph or two minimum. I would also REALLY appreciate it if you would proofread for grammar.

    I'm more comfortable through pms but we could always start a thread if you'd rather not.

    I do mainly wars and the like (fighting scenes used to be my specialty! *toots horn*), fantasy, and modern fantasy.

    If you seem interested/have any questions please feel free to message me! I'd be happy to share more!
  2. From your tags I can tell you're seeking something somewhat dark.
  3. Ah yes I am! :o But it doesn't have to be dark of course.
  4. No, I need dark, give me your ideas.
  5. Ah I see! My main ideal is war. Hard and cold-blooded on the battle field. But I can also do medieval fantasy. Dangerous forests with little to no escape. Large twisting trees and plants that could kill you in the blink of an eye.

    Well that's me anyway.
  6. Hm... how about the aftermath of war?
    Being stranded in an old battlefield with people dying all around the characters
    and being abandoned and in danger of dying/getting attacked again.

    I like fantasy but she and I don't go along hand in hand. I prefer horror, bloody
    and toxic as anthrax. Also I think I should warn this beforehand, girls and I do
    not get along whatsoever, so I thought you should know.
  7. The aftermath? Interesting! If totally be down for that if you are. I haven't done horror in a while but I think I'm ready for another shot at it!

    And by not getting along with girls do you mean that you just don't play them? If you aren't comfortable with me playing a girl either I don't have to.
  8. Both playing and my partner using a girl, I have some pretty gruesome experiences
    which make me extremely uncomfortable to even look at the "her/she" pronouns and
    cringe, it's nothing against the gender, I just prefer to not... see it, anywhere near
    me, so I'd be very thankful if both our characters were male.

    I love horror! I specially love Abandoned By Disney by slimebeast, so I'm getting an
    idea, what if it was after a big war, our characters meet by chance in an old abandoned
    battlefield hospital? Something of the likes and get horrible business and stuff?
  9. Ah I understand! I'll be sure to use a male character then! But if anything I do happens to make you uncomfortable please tell me! I care more for your health rather than the rp.

    I love that idea! I always found these sorts of things interesting. If none of my characters suit your fancy I could always flesh out a new one and see where he goes!
  10. I'm used to making them on the go or just using the one on my avatar (he's my favorite victim.)
    Also thank you, the same goes for you, when I breach your safety limits let me know.

    If you want to you can show me your characters, I'm not friends with iwaku's character box so
    I don't really go into it nor contribute, I prefer to pick mine and put them on the sides depending
    on the rp.
  11. Well now that I'm thinking about it I may just make a new one. None of my options are really fitting the criteria of this so I think it's better to just make a new one.

    I have only been on this website for a day, so I am not quite sure what the character box is myself. I can whip up someone quick though.
  12. There's the box where you can take characters and put into, it's somewhere in the forums but I don't
    approve of it, it's like "come steal me" for people with no morale at all who tend to do that. So yeah.

    I'm okay with that don't worry, I'd have a problem if I didn't get to use original characters so anything
    is good with me. What are you thinking of? Also what kind of relationship will there be between our
  13. Well then! I guess I won't be using the character box.
    I was thinking of maybe a doctor if we're going with this theme? I'm still working out some things but I like him so far. As for relationship, if they're survivers of a war they'd most likely be mutual if this meant life or death.
  14. Don't. What do you mean by mutuals?
    And yeah absolutely, hot for doctor heh. It's cool.
  15. By mutuals I mean neutral with eachother. Not enemies but not friends either. Oh and great! I love doctors myself. Well, as characters anyway.
  16. Man iwaku never warned me of the new message, yeah absolutely.
    If other things were to happen I'd just like you to know that from
    the deepest darkest bottom of my heart I... I love guro more than

    You had all right to know. In any case would you like to start?
    Also I'll look for a picture of my guy, I figure he'd be young and
    all that, picturing the child soldiers.
  17. Same. The messages never seem to appear in my alerts.
    I have to take a wild guess when you respond. Hm. I'm not
    familiar with guro, but that must be some intense love.

    I would be honored to start! Although, we haven't really
    decided if this should be on a separate forum or in pms.
    Ah! I wish I had my tablet on hand so I could draw my doctor!
  18. I'd love to see you draw him haha. I respond fast so... yeah.
    Guro is a combination between erotic and ridiculous, as so
    I've heard, but for a better educational topic here's the wiki
    about it, BE CAREFUL with it though, it's just read but graphic.

    We can do it on pm, since I receive those on my email and
    are much easier to respond to and crack through, specially
    because of my line of work, it helps some. Also if you listen
    to me on the guro part it would be best to keep it entirely
    private and away from the public.
  19. I'd love to draw him myself! I'm not the best at humans though.
    Curse my decision to start with ponies!
    I may be able to do guro. I don't know how to put it into action,
    but i will do my best!

    Alrighty! pms are the way to go! Just a fair warning that I will be
    slow responding as I run at least three spelling/grammar checks before I submit!
    I'll get on it though. I know this is going to be fun!
  20. I LOVE GURO IT'S MY LIFE (please torture my boy)
    I may just use the boy on my avatar since I'm used
    to him and he's easier for me to use, if that's okay,
    I'll sit down and wait for the pm to come!
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