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  1. Hello people! I have a few ideas for some original roleplays today and I decided to go ahead and see if anyone else was interested. I kind of clicked any and all things that could possibly apply too....which is pretty much at this point anything can happen. We just have to talk things out first! First, some rules!

    I really love romance, I do, but I wont roleplay it with a kid. So, if you're younger than 18, it's a no go in my book for romance. I will, however, love playing an adventure type roleplay with you if that's what your looking for! :)
    I tend to write long paragraphs so I just want to point out now, No. You don't need to reach that far in your response, though I hope you write more than a one liner please! What you give me multiplies in my own response! :3

    Now, on to my ideas. I have a few plot bunnies that have appeared throughout my day in class so here they are!

    The Trade:
    A person has sold their soul to a demon some years ago. Now s/he has come again to give it back, but there is a price. The person owes the demon a favor, and s/he is ready to collect.

    The Other World:
    A knocking against glass in the middle of the night is not a fun way to wake up. It's even a worse way to wake up when you realize the knocking is coming from inside the mirror. In this our OC's will be from separate worlds and the one from the mirror world will be asking for help. Either to escape it or to save it, the choice is up to us when we talk it over!

    An Odd Orphanage:
    There's always been a run down little orphanage with a fence around it that everyone was told not to go into as kids. The fence was put there just to help with that. Some believed it was to help the building remain standing without being torn down, some believe it's to keep whatever's in there from coming out. This one has a lot of different ways it can go, we can have our OC's be overly curious and climbing the fence and ending up in trouble with something they never thought they would run into before, or we can have something get out of the orphanage and see where that goes!

    You remember that joke?:
    We've all made it before. Don't worry buddy, if you get into trouble I'll have your back! I'd be the one you call to bury a body if you needed to! (My friend and I have a twisted sense of humor...realizing that now) Anyway, can anyone think of anything worse than after a night of drinking waking up next to someone you don't really know, not knowing their name, ...how you met..., or why they're dead? No? Me neither. So what does our OC and their friend do when one of them wakes up in this situation and calls their friend for help? What sort of backstory can we create for this? Plenty, I'm sure!

    People have started disappearing in broad daylight. As terrifying as that is, it only gets worse. Turns out that demons have finally found out how to summon humans by name! So will one of our characters be summoned? OR will our characters be the ones to put this to a stop?

    The remains of the human race live in a glass dome with no obvious entrance or exit, which protects them from the wasteland on the outside. One morning a dusty hand print appears on the outside of the glass. Will our characters go explore to see what's out there? Or will the unknown person/creature have already gotten into the dome?

    Welp, that's all I have! Of course, these aren't very fleshed out, but that's because I enjoy coming up with ideas along side my partner. So if you're interested in any of these, or have one of your own you would like to roleplay, please let me know! Thanks for your time. :)
  2. Hi. I'm interested in your Odd Orphanage plot. I sent pm with details.
  3. Thank you! Sorry for taking so long to getting around to things. I spent the day passed out in my room. x-x I'll be checking messages immediately!
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