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  1. [BCOLOR=#ff0000]I'm pretty much open for anything..[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ff0000]However, this is kinda what I'm hoping to find:[/BCOLOR]


    Kyo Kara Moah (I've seen the first two seasons) OCxCanon
    Fruit Basket (seen it all) OCxCanon
    Hetalia (Seen the First Season) Prussia x Canda, Italy x Germany, or Canda x Russia

    Rise of the Guardians OC x Jack, OC x Pitch Black
    Avengers OC x Hawkeye, OC x Cap. America, OC x Iron Man, Black Widow x Cap. America/or/Hawkeye

    Halo Reach (Xbox 360)
    Reckoning (Xbox 360)
    MW3 (Xbox 360)

    The Lady Avarite (open)
    The Lady Avarite (open)

    Revenge - Avenger, Criminal
    Revolt - Tyrant, Conspirator(s)
    Conflict with a God - Mortal, Immortal

    5) Superheroes & Villans
    7) Futuristic
    11) Genetics Experiments
    12) Zombie/Nuclear Apocolypse
    17) Biblical Mythology (Angle x Demon, Demon x Angel, etc)

    3) Ancient Greece
    4) Ancient Rome
    17) Old West / Western

    Assasin x Target
    Spy x Spy
    Cop x Criminal
    Journalist x Detective

    Demi Goddess x Mortal
    Demi God x Mortal
    Immortal x Mortal
    Angel x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Demon x Human
    Scientist x Experiment
    Robot x Human

    Princess x Knight
    Prince/ss x Commoner
    Sorceress x Knight

    Teacher x Teacher
    Professor x Student
    Celebrity x Body Guard
    Soldier x Nurse
    Soldier x Native

    1) The Robot and the Human
    After years of failure, an aging scientist at last creates the first real Artificial Inelligence in the form of A.R.I: Advanced Robotic Intelligence. Being a recluse, he was not suspected of having such technology. It wasn't until his death that his estranged son discovered Ari amongst his propery. Thinking she was a real human and his father's "girlfriend", he offers her a place to stay in the city with him and she accepts. As they spend time together, he begins to suspect that there is something off about her, but falls in love with her anyway. But she can't pretend to be human forever, and it's only a matter of time before the son (or somebody else) discovers what she really is.

    4) The Knight and the Princess
    To ensure their kingdom's safety, the King has agreed to an arranged marriage with his daughter and the son of a neighboring kingdom. The people of his kingdom are not terribly thrilled at this new ally, and so the King decides to send his daughter to their neighbors with only one Knight to escort her. The young knight is a close friend to the princess, as the two have been practically raised together since they were ten-years-old or so. What she does not know is that he has been secretly in love with her for years and having to give her away to some other man is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

    [Character 1] Is a famous singer in a fairly new, popular band. [Character 2] is [C1] biggest fan. When [C1] gets injured after promising the rest of the band he/she would meet them at the next gig, [C1] asks [C2] for help. What happens then?

    The United States is in a national state of emergency! The President has kidnapped one of the most valuable people in the United States- The daughter of the vice president! Why has he done this? No one knows. It was easy to track him from Clarksdale, where he kidnapped Amey, but no one figured out who the kidnapper was. He left a trail clear as day, but his identity was unknown until he posted a video on the internet. Amey was wide-eyed, her hands tied together roughly, ducktape on her mouth, her feet chained together. She looked terrified as President Leon began to explain how he would meet whoever would be retrieving her at the South Airport in Texas, that is, if they brought him $1,000 and a plane ticket to Australia. The video gave them all the proof they needed... yet, at the same time, it caused the entire country to spiral into madness as many began to revolt against the government. ((I will play Amey~))

    other than that
    Also open for any plots YOU might have, mine are just there in case someone finds an interest in wanting to hear them, lol
    Pm me here
    Also willing to rp through email (pm me first)

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  2. I would love to have a post apocalyptic rp with you.
  3. Pm me and we can sort out a plot and everything~
    Thanks for the interest!
  4. @Shadow Assassin
    I am interested in role-playing with you. I would be interested in doing any of your anime fandoms, my only request is that I do not have to play a cannon. Though I don't remember what season I last stopped on for Kyo Kara Moah, I know that I saw about 80 or so episodes. Would you be willing to do a F x F pairing or do you prefer hetero? I would not mind doing a M x M for the Host Club, it might be interesting. What are you specifically looking for right now?

    Pst. I love your name, rouges for the win!! Pirates or ninjas?
  5. Hi Shadow! I'm interested in doing plot 2 with you if you like :]
  6. Pm me~ ^~^
    Definitely still interested
  7. I'm interested in doing plot #3
  8. -Raises my hand- Can you tell me about Kyo Kara Moah? I never heard of that anime.
  9. I would be much interested in trying something supernatural/fantasy or post apocalyptic.
  10. Hmm.......I see...
  11. Cool! Pm me and we'll talk ^~^


  12. Are you doing plot four with anyone? It sounds really interesting ^^
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  13. I'm open for it, I'll pm you ^~^
  14. I'm good for all the genres, although horror isn't the top of the list. I love the first plot, and I would like to do that one if you're still interested.
  15. The first one would be awesome ^~^
    Pm me and we can talk, though, I'm leaving today and won't be back until Monday, so I won't be able to respond until then ^^"
  16. If you're still looking, I would love to do an OHSHC RP with you!
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