(1×1 M×M) The killer and his victim...

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Before we begin. I'd like to state that this is a violence filled rp, and I play the role of submission only. Don't force me to be Dominant if I don't want to... Pm me to get started if you're interested. I will be as descriptibe as you. So I'd like you to start us off.

The day was getting darker, as the cold temperatures rise up at night, the wind howls in the dark, just up in Canad in Toronto, is a small town. Everyone is asleep, everyone but one young boy, wondering the streets, alone as an orphan. The date takes back to 11/02/1697. He was abandoned for his entire life, beaten, tortured, even stripped of his rights.

A dark figure is slowly creeping up on the boy, slowly, as the boy sleeps. The dark figure is a cold, ruthless murderer. But he always is horny, and filled with lust. The man decided to take the boy away, as the boy kicked and screamed. Later on that night, the man throws the boy in an old abandoned shack in the middle of no where...

Pm me if you want to continue the story. Like I said. I want you to start so I can match your rp skills.
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