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I honestly have been craving to do this rp. We most likely have to make 2 characters and play NPC's like friends and enemies but I think this will be fun!

I am a ok with this being a M×M or F×M RELATIONSHIP. We can even have more then one oc(inculding their Online character). So we could have two loves be gay and another group of lives be straight. I don't know honestly lets just talk about it more!

1 - (based off of a T.V show and movie called Love 20 (both can be watched on youtube for free). Should at least watch the movie for a bit to get the gifs of it. If not that's fine. Warning it's Chinese but the action is good in the movie.

[C]- living a normal office life is boring for any business person but but for (A), who is ranked 5 on the online MMORPG, has an amazing online boyfriend/husband, Is part of the second 2 biggest and strongest Guild, everything is perfect... That is till their online boyfriend/husbend leaves them because he found someone more beautiful then them and the fact CA didn't want to show their face to him in real life, their guild leader leaving and putting someone who is ruining the guild and her life. Luckily they're still number 5. With all that happening they didn't think they would get a request from the the number 1 sever player in his hand in marriage. Shocked and with nothing to lose they accepts not thinking their two world would start to collide.

[IC]*Notes on CharacterB: The Number One Player is the CEO of the company she works at, and has a guild that is ranked number one as well. He was one of the bata testers that's why he is so good, he also got good too. His friends are also in his guild who are ranked 2, 3, and 4)*