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  1. So lately, I have been having a lot of trouble finding an RP to join and finding partners. So I have decided to turn to the recruitment forum. Whenever I do find a partner, they often ditch me and never reply after a while and it is ALWAYS without Warning.

    Anyhow...Here are a few things I am requiring for a partner
    -I'd like to play the Female in the pairing
    -Pregnancy is my favorite plot candy (I have been using it a lot late, mainly because I think its cute)
    -Little to no one-liners, I prefer Paragraphs, a minimum of three to five sentences, but don't go overboard (Beyond two or three paragraphs, I am not asking for a Novel here)
    -Grammar; it is probably one of my biggest pet peeves, so I would like it if you used proper grammar...Yes, I am also a Grammar Nazi.
    -Consistent replies (A few times a day would be nice, once a day at minimum)
    -PM me if you have any plotlines you want to try out
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  2. I'm willing to give this a try
  3. Fantastic; please PM me and let us see what we can work out!
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