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  1. Ive got 3 ideas i'd like to get going with a partner who is at least adept in writing. The following are those 3 ideas, and their synopsis's..Is that a word? It is now.

    1. (Music/Slice of Life) - Taking place in Naminaga High School, Suzumiya Yuzuka is the sole founder of what she hopes will become the the band everyone in the metalcore/post-hardcore scene has been waiting for. The only problem is, all she knows how to do is sing and scream. Yuzuka cant read music, or write music. What's worse, is that no one has joined her after school band yet, and the band still remains unnamed. It's a story of ambition, commitment, and the passion that goes into creating an outlet that thousands of people can connect to. Music doesnt just heal wounds; it builds bridges and buildings for other acts to follow.

    2. (Dark Sci-Fi) September 27th, 2065..I felt my cold blade pierce my mother's heart as she and the rest of the Abandoned waged war for nothing but meaningless revenge. All my life, I was told that my mother cared nothing for me or my sister, and that we were left to rot and die after birth before we were saved by Vance Drakeborn, our adoptive father. He has told us many things, and he has taught us how to defend ourselves in all forms of combat. I learned the blade, while my sister learned the firearm. We spent our entire childhood and teenage years becoming the perfect daughters, living only to slay my mother and anyone who opposed our father, Vance. On that day however..On my 19th birthday, when my blade pierced into my mothers heart, I felt more remorse than I thought possible. Leaning on my shoulder and fading away, my mother told me everything about Vance and the events that lead up to this point. Hearing the truth from her mouth, I laid her to her rest and turned my attention to Vance. My sister however, stands loyal to Vance and will defend him to her death. I will give my mother peace by finishing her final mission, and atoning for my murder of her. Worlds collide, sisters duel like bloodthirsty enemies, and one man is the key to saving, or destroying the timeline itself. This is my story, and I write it for you, mother..

    3. (Dark Fantasy) Did you know..That Dragons built the universe? They say that galaxies are born after the death of a Dragon by the hands of another. Planets are forged via the flame that Dragons breathe, and the Sun itself is said to be the still burning heart of the first Dragon to live in the Emptiness, as we call it. Dragons are immortal, invincible, and all knowing. A Dragon can only be slain by another Dragon, and no mortal man or woman has gotten near one without being made into ashes in an instant. Legend has it however, that a young woman was able to touch a Dragon, and receive its arcane power for her own. We live in a world ruled by the masters of the universe, and our lives depend on the very creatures that could destroy us in moments. We all seek out the Dragons of the world, in hopes of gaining the same arcane blessing as the girl in the legends. We will fulfill this pilgrimage one day, no matter how many of us must die in the process.
  2. I'm liking the 3rd idea. It's neat aand deals with space. What kind of plot do you have in mind?
  3. Thank you for checking my ideas out, for starters :3

    As for the plot, I would be playing the role of the legend girl who received arcane power from a Dragon. On top of that, I will be playing most of the secondary characters, and I had planned on whomever would join me to play the protagonist, while my character acted as the antagonist. Of course, there will be twists and such, but no M.Night Shyamalan bullshit, I assure you X3. The setting is also unique in the sense that the world is like that of Starhawk or Trigun; It's a very old-west type environment, but that's just the starting area of sorts. I have other settings such as a Rivendell type place, and even a ruined tundra city like the surface world in the Metro 2033/Last Light novels and games.
  4. You'd have to explain some of those references, I don't know any of them :/
  5. While your third idea seems interesting it seems its already taken. But I wouldn't mind doing the first one either.
  6. I understand not being familiar with Starhawk, Trigun, or the Metro series, but Rivendell is from Lord of the Rings. Im surprised you're not familiar. Anyway, here are some links for you to reference to get a good understanding.

    Metro 2033/Last Light
  7. Sounds good to me. Do you have any questions or concerns to start off with?
  8. Only one. How much knowledge do I have to know about metalcore, if any? I know plenty of other genres but that's one of them that I don't.
  9. Not very much, honestly. Metalcore isnt technically a genre in of itself, its more of a label. The actual genre is still metal/post-hardcore. If you want a general understanding of the sound of the genre, I could recommend looking up a few artists and listening to a sample or so of their style. Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, Famous Last Words, The Color Morale, Crown the Empire, etc. should give you a good understanding of the genre as a whole.
  10. Alright I will check a few of them out. That kind of music isn't normally my go to, since the heaviest stuff I listen to is grunge and early metal and punk
  11. No worries. My genre tastes vary from bands like Slipknot all the way to J-pop stuff like Puffy AmiYumi.
  12. Haha J-pop would probably be one of my lesser known genres, also I will get to work on a character. Any guidelines you want me to follow or?
  13. Not really. Just build one however you want and we'll go from there.
  14. A will do, I will try to have them finished by tomorrow.
  15. Eh sorry about not posting my character, had a weird last few days. If you want I can PM him to you or post him here.
    Also nice Ruby.
  16. Either is fine really, though PM seems to be faster and easier to keep track of. And yeah, Ruby Rose is lovely~
  17. I'm a D&D Dungeon Master and i had a world in wich various nations waged war against the other. Fighting with arcane arts like has never been deployed, soon the world became a barren wasteland due to the covering of the sky by unholy smokes in wich humans, now having lost the arts and techniques started to turn to savagism.
    Only 2 cities remained standing inside their walls to protect themselves from savages. After the first war, both cities (Aéon and Eldrath) depleted their food supplies, and started eating the corpses of their enemies, becoming this their main susteinance.
    But savages had food: mutant bioluminiscent fungus grew across the land and became the savages main food source, who, having resoures and being hunted by the cities, departed far away. Both cities then started to starve, not knowing the fungus.
    When both cities where in the verge of anarchy, a flying mountain appeared in the sky. From there, the dragons came, and opened a little place of sky, generating spaces of light among the darkness where both cities could farm to sustain themselves. Ever since then, dragons rule over neighborhoods of both cities. Those who serve specially well, were driven to the flying mountain to be out of this rotted world and live a life of simple works in paradise.

    That was my setting, but, this dragons were like evangelion's mechas (biotechnological machines) and took humans as slaves. The flying mountain was the mages guild, who survived in that place. Maybe the thing you said in your third idea was the truth and was forgotten... and dragons now whant their belivers back.
    We could even fuse this with the second idea you got and make it with a technollogy setting around Renaissance finale and industrial age beginning.

  18. Hey, I'd be very interested in your third plot idea, if you're still up for starting another one with that plot?
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