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  1. Hello, all those that are reading! I am Pisces and I had an idea rolling around in my brain for a while now. Before I get to the idea though I should tell you a little about myself:
    1. I may not have perfect spelling and grammar, therefore, I will not expect you to either. Just please no text talk.
    2. I post almost every day. Sometimes once a day and sometimes way more.
    3. Saying that, you don't need to post every day. Remember that the less you post I start to lose interest. So if you are not going to post for a couple of days let me know! I will do the same.
    4. If you get bored or the roleplay wasn't like you thought it was going to be let me know. Again I will do the same.
    5. I prefer to play as the female. Trust me I suck at playing plays as the main character, haha.
    Plot The story goes that Berkana and Your Character both grew up in a small village outside of the capital Handur. They have been friends since they were young and have been close since then. They became lovers as they got older. Berkana worked on a farm and late one night she got attacked by a werewolf and contracted lycanthropy. No one ever knew about her newfound disease except for Your Character. They helped Berkana find a safe place to turn every full moon and came back at dawn to check up on her.

    Everything seemed to be going alright for them until one day Your Character got kidnapped by an unknown person and was changed into a creature (your choice). Berkana and Your Character have been apart for years and Berkana, feeling abandoned by her former lover, left to find a new home after her family lost everything they had in a drought.

    After all that time Berkana and Your Character finally bump into each other again and they try to regain what they once had. While this is going on there are Hunters that are being attracted to the area due to Berkana being seen by a villager one night.

    Setting The setting takes place in an AU medieval styled fantasy world that is centered around a Kingdom named Handur. More specifically in a small coastal village called Irea, where there are plenty of lush forests to one side of the village and the ocean to the other. You go further into the woods and you get rocky cliffs and caves scattered around. The key spot is the only road leading into the city that had to cliffs above the road on either side called the Eagles point.

    There is a King that lost his first born son on a hunt due to a werewolf attack. Ever since then he gathered a group of Hunters that are part of a league of hunter that are trained to hunt werewolves and any other mythical creature.

    • The story is not perfect but it’s meant to give you enough room to create your own character without having too many limitations.
    • By Casual, I mean that you do not need to respond everyday and how there is no clear path the roleplay will take.
    • Roleplay can be as child-friendly/ adult as you want it to be. I'm okay with anything. If you have any triggers or boundaries please let me know.
    • You can choose any species for your character [vampire, demon, anything within reason).
    • More of the story will be formed after we have seen both the characters. Each character having their own goals.
    • Of course, we will both be playing other characters as needed by the story.
    • Let your imagination run wild and PM me if you are interested!
  2. Hi, I'd love to roleplay with you :) your plot sounds great, I love romance.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.