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  1. Alright guys, so I am looking for some role playing partners. Because it's summer I have a lot of time on my hands, meaning I am free to role play.

    What I am looking for:

    -A dedicated partner
    -Someone who can write paragraphs ( at least 1-2. Nothing too extensive) each post
    -A contributor (I don't want to carry the story by myself. I want it to be a team effort ^^
    ~If you can play multiple characters that would be great; though it's not a must

    RPing with Me

    *Fade to Black (I'm just more comfortable with it instead of actual sex scenes.)
    *Contribute! (As stated before I don't want to carry the role play. Its more fun that way)
    *As long as it somehow applies to the role play, I can roll with anything you give me.
    *I'm more of an aggressive writer which explains the two posts above
    *Romance is a must for me.
    *I prefer playing female, but if you have a really good plot for the yaoi genre that's fine. I will not do Yuri.
    * I do several posts a day
    *I prefer MxF but I'm fine with MxM as long as there's a good plot

    Genres I'm Up For
    * High School setting
    *Historical (Assassins, Feudal Japan)

    Genres I am Not
    *Fandoms (I don't like them. I like to create stories not copy others)

    What's on My Mind Now
    I don't have exact plots in mind. I want my partner to help me create one. But here is what I want them to be based off of.

    Boy meets Girl: I'm in the mood for a role play where it's just a normal everyday ordeal. It can be high school or working at a cafe (This can be yaoi as well)

    Assassins: An assassin who has rebelled against his or her society is laying low. Eventually he or she falls for the other character. (We can work out how they meet)

    Feudal Japan: Priestess and the Demon/ Monk and the demon/ Human and the Demon (or any creature)

    Demon×Elf: Two characters grow up together in the same village. In this village elves and demons are enemies. They meet in secret. The male is sent away because he has to join the military. He wants to get stronger to protect her. The girl does not know about it. She thinks he just disappeared and abandoned her. Four years later they meet again. She has been captured after completing a mission. The guy interrogates her. He does not know who she is. It eventually comes out that they are childhood friends. But things aren't the same between them anymore because while he was busy becoming a soldier, she had become an assassin.

    Note: Although I say romance is a must, I don't want to force it. I want the characters to come to love each other. Its okay if there are crushes or one of the characters have been in love with the other for x amount of time as well. I want it to be natural.

    Note; If you have any ideas, share them.

    Note: If you want to stop rping let me know. I like when people are straight up with me.

    About my characters:
    My characters are usually a bit aggressive and independent. They're leaders; take command. Their actions speak louder than words. They tend to be loners and don't care for strangers, but are very loyal to those who are important to them. They can mislead you by the way they structure their sentences so you have to stick with them. They often say mean things but mean well.

    Note: My female characters are more dominant than my males because I'm more confident rping female.

    Anyone up?
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  2. Hiya~! I'd be interested in a couple of the ideas (if we could work something out) with you! If you're still looking for partners, go ahead and shoot me a PM if you think we could work together!
  3. @Piano_Mastermind

    Hi!! I'm in desperate need for some roleplays at the moment, and I wouldn't mind coming up with an MxM plot together!! I think it would be a lot of fun to come up with something unique or something, and I'm totally with you on the whole romance thing!! So, if you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can start putting things together!! ^-^
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