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  1. (Jeez. All these content ratings. I don't know! Yeesh!)

    Well, hey! And welcome! Thanks for clicking on my thread.

    So I'm a girl looking for a guy to roleplay with me. Hopefully long term, or at least a few months. Preferably around the ages of, oh, 16 to 25.

    Uh, I want at least 5-8 paragraphs per post, and actual paragraphs. Like a butt ton of sentences. And not just dialogue.
    Your grammar and spelling better be pretty good, but if you spot an error, you're free to go and correct it :)

    So I guess I'll just list pairings and stuff, and if you like any of them, just PM me or reply to this thread. Ooh, and ideas are always great! I'm very open to new ideas.

    Pairings/Plot Ideas/That Kind of Stuff

    Just let me know what interests you :)

    Angel x Demon
    Demon/Angel x Mortal
    Assassin x Royalty/Target
    Thief x Thief
    Thief x Some kind of law enforcement
    Mage x apprentice
    Anything involving mages
    Spy x Enemy (spy uses enemy as information, something develops?)
    Opposing factions' royalty (prince x princess coming across each other w/o knowing who the other is in some kind of scenario?)
    Mercenary x mercenary

    Angel x Demon
    Demon/Angel x Mortal
    Assassin x Target
    Thief x Thief
    Thief x Some kind of law enforcement
    Bodyguard x Target
    Zombies! Fast (28 Days Later) or slow (Walking Dead) or
    Post-Apocalyptia in general (i.e. Fallout, Last of Us, Resident Evil etc)
    Adventurer x Adventurer

    No Game No Life
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (mostly book, not movie)
    Percy Jackson
    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

    So, uh, yeah! That's about it. Questions, comments, concerns, just shoot me a PM and ask! :)
  2. Hello there! I haven't really been doing any One(x)One roleplays so I thought it's about time I did some. I'm 20 years old, my name is the same as the one here (yeah, I'm insanely creative, I know). I am quite interested in the Fantasy and Horror genres, so the medieval fantasy with the roles of opposing royalties or the assassin and the royalty being targeted (I can see myself in that role) are the ones I'd be mostly interested in. I wouldn't mind a 28 days after zombie apocalypse scenario, I love zombies :D. We could make it something the likes of "The last of us" . Do you have any specific plot in mind, or do you want to figure out the background of the story together?

    Here's hypothetical: our two kingdoms have been at war for a long time, eventually as none could conquer the other, they made a peace treaty and there has been peace for quite some time. At the present day, however, some problems started occurring in one of them, I mean economical problems, natural calamity or weakening of the power of the royal line for some reason. Meanwhile, some weird cult has spread like plague over the other one, preaching worship of previously unknown entities and performing marvellous feats, never before done by the shamans or priests of the dominant two religions. I kinda see our two kingdoms having different religions, for example mine being shamanistic folk, yours having some sort of organised Church. That goes a long way to also fuel the mutual hatred between our people. So as the cult is winning the sympathy of more and more of the folk through "miracles" I, as the prince, am taught never to trust in people doing wonders for no reason. So I set off to investigate this new faith and its worshippers (in my own kingdom). You, as the princess of a the deeply troubled kingdom are seek an external remedy. Thus, as the words of the cult's deeds reach your ears, you decide to venture over the border, even though it's forbidden by both the law and treaty, into my kingdom and see with your own eyes what are those new preachers doing. You hope to learn something that will save your own country. Naturally, we have never since each other before, since our kingdoms are in a state of a cold war and we don't exactly go to each other's birthdays, so to speak. We both have a vague idea of the other one's existence, but not even a clue of how they look like and so on. So when we meet, in some town or a village, we are both undercover and interact as we would with any other normal citizen. We could be partnering up, we could be angry at each other, we could be causing trouble for each other, hell that could even spring into a slight romance story, as we move forwards discovering the mystery.

    Again, this is just one of the many possible plots that I can easily imagine, so it's fine if you don't like it :D
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  3. Well, hey there! Nice to meet you! The name's Sycamore. Not my real name, though. My real name's Amy. But call me whatever you want.

    Great, I'm happy to hear you love zombies! I like zombies too. The post zombie apocalypse idea sounds great, but no, I don't have any specific plots in mind yet. If you do, I'd love to hear them.
    I've been thinking a bit on the subject, and we could do the Last of Us thing... if you still want to do that, I'm totally up for it! Personally, I was thinking firefly x smuggler or mercenary sort of thing... the firefly would be, you know, a firefly, and the mercenary would be a former military person who had to kill all his infected friends and ended up deserting because they thought his entire team was killed and now he just works odd jobs as an assassin, etc. Something like that. I don't know, that was mostly rambling off the top of my head, haha.

    And your medieval fantasy suggestion sounds great as well! I think it's a really really good idea, and I'd absolutely love to give it a shot! So unless you wanna do the apocalypse one instead, I'd like to keep talking about the fantasy one.

    Ooh, but details, details. Do you want pictures? Fancy posts? By PM or in a thread?
    It's really all up to you. Whatever you want, because I'm pretty much fine with anything!

    EDIT:: I actually made a group RP thing while I was waiting for a reply to this thread...
    So, uh, if you're interested, you can go check it out. It's scifi, and about a race of superhumans that are getting wiped out by the current humans... sort of like mutants, but their powers relate to the Greek zodiac :)
    I'm still happy to go with your ideas, of course!
  4. Hello, Amy :)
    I'm glad you enjoy the idea of my medieval fantasy thing, so let's do that! If we enjoy working together, we might give the apocalypse scenario a go after that.
    As for pictures, I think that it would be nice to have a picture of our characters, just because everyone can interpret descriptions of the outer appearance differently, but when there is a picture, both of us will have the same idea of how the other's character looks. I think that since it's a RP we should play it in a thread, unless you strongly prefer otherwise. As for the posts... you totally won me over with your requirements at the start of this thread! Let's stick to them, shall we? Of course, if you can't really go into details about something I won't be angry with you like "oh come on, where are the details, that's too short". What I won't stand for is any form of god-moding and character hijacking but I don't think you're one to do that.

    Now I'm a bit unsure how to proceed, I mean we have the basic background of the world outlined, but how do we make it complete, each one posts their ideas and we choose something or you devise one part and I do another one or we talk in Skype or something and make everything simultaneously? I'm looking forward to hearing from you about it :D

    BTW, I also made a thread yesterday, it's basically a mystery/weird fiction in a fantasy setting, so if you like that kind of stuff you might take a look. Especially if, by any chance, you enjoy H.P. Lovecraft you'll absolutely love my story. Also it's some proof that I'm able to write a lengthy post without a ton of mistakes.
  5. Awesome :) I completely agree with everything you're saying. Thread based roleplays are always fine with me, but just a small question about the pictures. Personally, I prefer using anime pictures, and I guess I'd like it if you used anime pictures, too. That's all, really. I hope that's okay with you. And I'm so glad you like my requirements :D I'm really pleased about that. At the site where I used to roleplay, you can't really find a lot of people who are willing to write that much, so I'm just really glad. I promise I won't ever god mod or character hijack. It's one of the worst things you can do in a roleplay, so I'll check and double check to make sure I don't do it.

    I'd happily give you my number or email if you need/want it. The thing is, I'm going to be away for a couple weeks so I'll have internet access on my iPod (I have a texting app) but I won't have a laptop, so skype isn't really an option. I barely even use skype anyway, haha. But yeah, so if you want my number, I'll PM it to you ASAP. And I look forward to talking to you as well! It's going to be a lot of fun :)

    Ooh, I'll check it out! I'm not too familiar with Lovecraft, but scifi and horror are always a wonderful combination :D
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  6. Anime pictures are perfectly fine by me, I'd use them even if you didn't specifically demand it (I mean, just look at my profile picture :D ) I think it would be nice to have your Email or number to keep in touch ^^ I'm not really familiar with what chat programmes the Apple products support, but we can use something like google chat from Gmail or if you like some other app like Viber or whatever, I can just install that. If all else fails, we have the conversation option from this site or just text/talk on the phone. I'm also quite anxious to discuss the plot with you :)
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  7. Great! I'll go and find a good anime picture, then. Truth be told, most of my anime pictures are of anime guys and not girls. It's been so long since I've role played as a girl ;(

    Okay :) I'll PM you my info ASAP!
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