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  1. Hello! I’m Kinathi Raness (not my real name of course XD) but you can call me Ki or Kin or Kina or whatever XD I’m a 19 year old student in the CST time zone studying to be a psychiatrist :) My overactive imagination is vast! I rp during classes, while I study, and sometimes when I’m supposed to be sleeping XD But lately I’ve been wanting something more free 83 I’ve been rping with plots but it’s difficult to explore my partners’ imagination when we’re stuck on a road we’ve carved out for ourselves. So I was thinking, why not freestyle? So that we don’t have to be stuck on a road; we can travel in any direction that we want with our ideas and imagination! :D

    About Me!
    Whelp, I’m 19 now, about to be 20 come May, and I’ve been roleplaying since I was 11. And I don’t mean off and on; I’ve literally been rping for 8 years straight XD I used to be an aspiring writer but I’ve learned that it’s not as much fun when you don’t have the interactivity that you would if you were writing back and forth to someone. I love being surprised by the unpredictable ways my partners’ characters can react! I love seeing what another person can create in collaboration with our world!

    Because I don’t like holding myself in constraints, I’m looking for a Casual/Slice of Life Freestyle Timeless Fantasy Rp :) I say “timeless” because I don’t want there to be a set era like Medieval, Victorian, etc. I’d rather our world be as it is! This doesn’t mean that you can’t throw some medieval stuff in there or that you can’t place science fiction it :D You can throw in any setting that you want! I say “casual” because the pace can move at whatever it does. Given that I would hope this to be character-driven, if we want the pace to slow down so that our characters can talk and explore each other, lets do it! If we want the pace to speed up a boring part and get to an action scene, lets do it! :D And, please, when I mean long-term, I mean long term! Not a few days or weeks or months 83

    I would like this rp to be set in an Alternative World. Of course we can have modern in a world that our characters can get to 83 Cause our characters exploring that world (or a character being from Earth bringing the foreign character there) could be fun! :D But I’d rather the modern world not be the main setting. I want to create a world with you in which quite a bit of things are completely new! Not that you can’t use dragons or centaurs or anything but I want to see something from your imagination! :D So many themes can be placed in here: Horror, action, adventure, romance, dark, comedy, supernatural, suspense, etc. I’d love all and any to be in our rp! If/when we start the rp, I’d rather it not be in a city (or whatever it’s called in our world) so that we can gather our creative bearings before tossing our charries into something like that. We can preplan the world if you want but I’d rather it be little tidbits rather than the entire world. XD That gets overwhelming pretty quickly.

    I feel like I’m a fairly seasoned writer but, of course, there’s always room for improvement! I can write 2-15 paragraph each post but don’t let this startle you! I only write that long if there is real reason to! Such as my intros! My intros may be a little long because I want to get the feel of where our characters are starting at :) I always create a new species for my rps because I feel like I’m limiting myself by picking a character from, for example, a list of mythological creatures. I’d rather build a specie/character sheet and work from that so that both me and you can explore them! :D I write in third person, past tense, paragraph form.

    My Limits, Likes, and Dislikes

    • Pedophilia
    And that it’s it XDD I can handle anything other than that; rape, incest, adultery, abuse, etc. Clever tactics are the most fun! X3

    • New species that I’ve never seen before! I love looking in awe at the description of my partners’ species and watching their culture unfold before me and my charrie!
    • Multiple characters! Of course not as main characters XD I mean many side characters, to make it feel as if our charries are in a real world :)
    • Interesting/creative characters! I’ve grown tired of the overly-nonchalant males and the whiny/clingy females XP I want characters who actually have a personality! And charries who actually have a past and history to them that makes it interesting to know more about them!
    • MxM and MxF. I enjoy MxM more if there was mpreg! It’s one of the main reasons why I like MxF so much, because females can naturally get pregnant. I love it when our characters have developed a love so strong (or by accident XD) that they have a child and start a family. And then we can play as the children and see how our charries change according to their new responsibility! So I would love it if our charries could eventually have kids together :)
    • When my partner can throw things in as a surprise! I love having “WHOA DID NOT SEE THAT COMING” moments! They’re so much fun! :D And if you feel like you need my permission with something, because it includes my character or something, feel free to ask :)
    • Someone who can handle my hyperness >.> I’m not so hyper that it’s annoying but…I like to use faces XD Not obsessively but, because the computer lacks the material to envoy my emotion, I need to create the material for it! So I’m very nice, don’t worry about that!
    • Furries DX As side characters, they’re fine but I’m not a huge fan of them as main characters.
    • People who lie about their age :( Come on, there’s a reason why we have standards for ages, all for different reasons.
    • Cliché species. Not to say that vampires, demons, and werewolves are cliché but the way they are used has :( Though if you could throw a twist to them (not sparkling vamps, please!!) then go ahead! X3
    • Forced romance/Insta Romance. I don’t feel like I can start my character already being in a relationship with my partner’s. It just…doesn’t feel real DX And I don’t really like charries immediately falling in love with each other; I understand a connection but when they’ve only met for a few minutes and already one’s like, “Oh my gosh I love you; you’re the one! We HAVE to be together,” that gets awkward for me >.> I want romance that’s enough for us to gush over 83 And when relationship problems occur, it’s like an actual tense moment! Hehe and when I learn anatomy, I will be drawing our characters and the scenes—only if that’s alright with you! Fanart XD
    • Smut-Only Rps. PLEASE do not ask me for this! Smut is the icing on the cake for me, especially when the character romance has been properly developed! Though of course a few smidges of “fun” can happen here and there but I’d rather it not be forced! If it’s obvious that it’s the only thing you care about, I will inform you about this particular dislike again and, If you persist, I will drop you. So I would hope that I wouldn’t see my partner caring about how big my charrie’s breasts are…I’ve had it happen before. And the person legitimately cared about it. The hell…
    • I don’t do fandoms! And I would prefer it if my partner didn’t use fandom characters XP I only do original characters.
    • Godmodding/Powerplaying. I’d rather your character not “suddenly strike a sword through my charrie’s heart and kill her automatically.” >.> As well, I would hope that every charrie has a weakness, even if it’s difficult to get to! As well, godmodding includes your character knowing my charrie's thoughts, having your charrie find things out about my charrie through the narrative without my charrie saying it, etc. Just, in general, taking my own character out of my control.
    • Really boring characters…come oooon. :( And mary/gary sue/stue.
    • PLEASE do not “spoonfeed” my charrie a plot/idea DX When I get a response like this (lets say that my charrie’s name is Nylora): “If Nylora would look close enough, she would see a man in a dark trench coat walking near her that she would probably feel interested in talking to. He was shady and tall but looked like, if he were approached, he would be a nice guy.” That’s borderline godmodding my character’s intentions and thoughts >.>
    • Terrible Grammar/Spelling :( We all make mistakes occasionally, sure, but if it’s every sentence, ehhh….yeah it becomes pretty difficult to read.
    • Creepy partners on Skype! Please do not ask me, “What are you wearing?” That’s an immediate block right there. And I will not video/face call until we’ve known each other for a while.
    • For right now, strict plots XP
    • Info-Dumps. Oh my gosh no DX Learning more about my partners’ characters is why I love rping! But to have everything about them dumped onto my lap in a single response is not only overwhelming but it immediately makes the character uninteresting. Because I’ve already been told all about him/her. Drop in info as it fits; if a character asks about something, go ahead and tell! If they’re triggered by something, by all means! But I’d rather not learn all about your charrie on the first few posts XD
    • One Liners. My gosh >.>
    • “What do we do now?” and “I don’t know what to write.” It’s freestyle! You can make anything happen! So if you can’t figure out anything, I can either give you a slate to work off of (cause some people can’t go off a blank slate; they need a little help and that’s fine! :3) or maybe freestyling isn’t for you :(
    • Someone who gets overwhelmed too I understand if I info-dump you with a bunch of spout (cause I’d get overwhelmed by that too!) But, I mean, if you get overwhelmed easily by description of a character’s appearance or something, then I’m not the one for you.
    • Only dialogue. Nuuu please describe! Detail! I love details 83

    What I Look for in a Partner
    • Someone who’s really nice and communicable! If/when you reply to this ad, I’d love to chat! :D Course you don’t have to tell me your sexuality or religion or anything like that because, unfortunately, those are very controversial subjects. I’ve had an experience when one of my partners found out my religion and started bashing me for it. :( I’d rather that not happen again. Controversial topics can get out of hand DX
    • Partners who move the story along! I don’t want to be the only one with ideas that can pump up our interests! I want to watch your ideas flow into action too! :D And you don’t even have to tell me the ideas; you can just plop them in X3 I will not be reluctant!
    • 18+ partners! I do not rp with anyone below 18 because of maturity and skill set. Though if you’re 17 and you can show me that you have a mature skill set and are able to write characters appropriately, then we can rp :)
    • As I said in my likes/dislikes list, I want someone who has decent grammar and spelling skills. But not only this, but writing skills. I don’t like run on sentences, changes in tense, changes in POV, etc. I would rather not rp with someone who “writes like she/he speaks.” For example (doesn’t represent my writing skills):

    Akel tried to climb the tree but the tree was just SO tall that it was difficult! I mean, it looked as tall as the mountains beyond the meadows. It was ridiculous how tall it was but it was also very beautiful and impressive! If he’d known how tall it was, he would have never accepted the agreement to climb it but he needed to save his family so it was very necessary.”

    I’m not a grammar nazi but it really distracts from the story when someone writes in run-on sentences. Also, please use paragraph breaks appropriately DX A paragraph break after every 1-3 sentences gets really confusing :( And wow, please don’t abuse ellipses XD Cause…an ellipses every….few…words…gets annoying…even when it’s for dramatic effect. XP Though if it’s your character stuttering, then it’s fine :)

    • Someone who can reply pretty often! I don’t mean 153 times a day, obviously, but at least 3 times a day. We all have lives! :D Shoot, my life is in my classes and hobbies with rp imbedded within it XD
    • Someone who can create 3-Dimensional characters. I know that this was already explained earlier but this is how much I stress it! I want complex and real characters with needs, desires, wants, likes, dislikes, opinions—all that great stuff that people normally have :)
    • Someone who is willing to make their replies a necessary length. If I give you a short reply, feel free to make it short or long. If I give you a long reply, feel free to make it long but please don’t make it too A 3-sentenced reply to a 5 paragraph passage? Mmm that’s disappointing.
    • Someone who I can make a friendly connection with! It’s fun to OOC! I’d rather be friends with my partners than just strangers writing to each other XD

    If you're interested, please PM me with your age, timezone, and preferences! :D Or, if you have a question, you can either PM me or post below! Please do not PM me with, "Hi" or "Want to rp?" XP I generally rp over Email or Skype but I'd rather get to know you a little bit first! :D And don’t be surprised if I ask you for a writing sample in the beginning; I might not but it depends XD Please do not feel offended if I do ask you for a sample; it’s not because I’m skeptical of your writing skills. It’s because I feel that we’re compatible as buddies and I’d want to confirm it as writers! If you want me to download an app like kik, I’m going to have to get to know you first because I’d rather not download the app and then find out that we’re not compatible as writers.
  2. I can comply with this entire list, with the exception of posting three times per day. I could only post once or twice a week. Also, I do not role play via PM or email, and I do not Skype. I can play male or female characters. I can definitely help create a world setting, but don't want to spend too much time world building. I'd rather start small and let the world become more detailed through our writing. If you are interested, let me know. If not, that's fine.
  3. PMing you!
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