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Wanna roleplay? :3

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  1. My internet was shut off, sorry! xD

    Eh-hem, that being said, I might not be too used to the site, but I'm totally not new to roleplaying. 7+ years, actually.
    I want to make some friends, and I'm on my search to see if anyone will be open to try a roleplay I've been dying to do. :3


    - Let's be friends. Be nice and I'll be nice back! I'm very open-minded for the most part, so don't be afraid to ask me about anything.
    - I can write as much as you want me to. Want something small? Sure! Want 10 paragraphs? I'll try! :D
    - I require romance in my roleplays. I love it. Comedy is a big love for me too, and I like dark aspects to it.
    - I love playing more than one character. I like to basically create my own world with my partner. But I can do one character if you prefer that. But I'd really prefer 2 main pairs and a ton of side characters or something similar!
    - I can do yaoi, yuri or hetero. I prefer to be submissive for yaoi and yuri. I can be a female or male or both!
    - It's not a rule, but I want someone open-minded like me. Crazy enough to try fun ideas and add crazy characters.
    - I can roleplay over a lot of things. Here, email, google docs, and many other places. :)
    - I can do cannon characters or ocs. or both. I do LOVE canon x oc or oc x oc more than canon x canon though.

    I am mostly looking for a Gravity Falls roleplay where we can make tons of fun characters.
    But I will do other fandoms! Probably not originals unless the idea really sounds fun!


    Kingdom Hearts
    Tokyo Mew Mew
    The World God Only Knows
    Adventure Time <3 (This is my second craving, behind Gravity Falls.)
    Future Diary
    Harvest Moon
    Greek Gods (Not a fandom, but I love it.)
    Legend of Zelda(Ocarina of time or Four Swords are my favorites.)
    My Little Pony(Humanoid?)
    The Severing Crime Edge
    Heart no Kuni no Alice
    Baka to Test
    Bee and PuppyCat
    Fruits Basket (I'd prefer to make our own zodiac though!)
    Looney Tunes(Humanoid)

    Also, I have a CandyLand/Adventure Time themed harem roleplay in mind :3 I'd prefer it to be a yaoi harem though XD.

    Themes: (Add these to anything I put, and yess :3)

    Obsessions/Stalkers (This is something that catches my interest greatly. Add it to anything, and you will have my complete attention. I adore obsessions and I find them very interesting. :D)
    Love Triangles
    Supernatural themes

    Sorry it's so vague! :D I hope we can be friends!
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  2. I'm interested! PM me and maybe we can figure something out?
  3. Would you possibly be willing to do a yuri love triangle with supernatural themed beings in an rp?
  4. Sure! Send me a pm! :D
  5. If you're still searching I'm up ^^ PM me to set things, I hope we can have fun ^^
  6. Sorry, I had my internet turned off. I am mostly looking for Fandoms right now, but if anyone's interested, send me a pm! :D
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