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    Anastasia Walked through the Town of domino city, listening to every little sound. It had been so long since she had been here, so many years since that failed tournament, the very tournament which brought her here today- she was not here to reminisce, she came bearing grave news. She cautiously knocked on the doors of Kaiba Corp, "Mr.Kaiba are you home?" She did not expect him to answer the door for a Von Schroeder, but she was praying just once he'd make an acception.

    The Company Doors opened, and there stood Seto Kaiba- looking at her as if she were useless. She growled a bit- "if you're going to look at me like that then I won't warn you about what's coming.." Her voice had turned ice cold, as if she meant what she was saying, her Millennium earrings flashing with her anger.
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    logan walked into the city with a look of anger on his face. "where did this girl go." he yelled as he punched a wall. he was Anastasia's long time friend and body guard. thats when he was approached by a weird woman wearing what looked like to him was Egyptian cosplay. she spoke to him. "this girl you speak of. does she have pink hair. than she is at kaiba corp. the ankh senses a great danger coming from you." just as logan was about to ask a question she vanished. "great now im seeing things." he sprinted towards kaiba corp where he saw anastasia and kaiba when he arrived he grabbed kaiba by the collar and picked him up. "you insolent bastard if you hurt her ill end you."
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  3. Seto BLinked, "I have no intentions of hurting her! She brings news of somthing and i must hear what she has to say!"

    Anastasia took a deep breath, and sighed. "Zigfried is Planning somthing terrible and evil... He said something about destroying Everything you Hold Dear.." Anastasia then looked around to be sure there were no Von Schroeder Spy Copters Around as she spoke. Latley Zigfried had been keeping tabs on everywhere she went, as if he knew she planned to tell Kaiba. She only hoped she wouldn't get thrown to the wall when she got home.

    Seto Looked Shocked, and then recollected himself quickly. "Why did you warn me when you may get in big trouble?" he asked.

    "Because.." Anastasia began, "I care even when the others don't, That and Ziegfried is Corrupting Leon!"
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    Mathias, a five year old boy whom was recently orphaned, his parents having been shot by thieves who had broken into their street side cabin, the thieves whom after they stole nearly everything to pawn off including his parents weapons, setting the house on fire and burning it down too burn away the evidence. The reason Mathias made it being that he was away at a friends house on the other side of the neighborhood and up on top of the hill until two hours after the attack on his parents took place.

    Having just learned how to read the week before, he could tell what the note said that the culprits left on his mailbox, the letter saying ~ This is what you get for not listening to us. ~ Mathias had no idea what that meant nor who the ones who left the note were. Confused and scared, he walks the sidewalk, now by himself, and as he walks he comes upon the street near Kaiba Corp and hears Anastasia's voice, and looks in the direction her voice is coming from, and sees her talking with Seto Kaiba. Not knowing what to expect Mathias ducks into an alleyway that's just a few feet away. Then while hiding around the corner wall of the alley, he takes a wait an see approach action, and just listens for the time being. From what he can see currently, by the expression on Kaiba's face he could guess that Kaiba isn't to thrilled, and maybe in fact a bit annoyed about Anastasia being at his doorstep. And by her voice Mathias could also guess that Anastasia is quickly getting ticked at Kaiba's attitude. He hears her mentioning trying to warn Kaiba about something. Mathias, being only 5, knows that if he tries to tell Kaiba who's a grownup that he should listen to Anastasia Kaiba would probably dismiss it, not that he knows either of them in the slightest nor what their current terms are with one another well enough to try and take either's side, but he does know, from experience, that every warning is important and should be taken seriously, as every warning he's come to hear had been important.

    Mathias after that, looks to see Logan. He sees Logan then charge towards Kaiba and pick him up by his collar. He doesn't think Kaiba ever gave the notion that he was hurt Anastasia, but he takes a wait and see approach with Logan too.
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    After Explaining, Anastasia quickly left Kaiba Corp but noticed someone in the shadows. "Hey are you okay kid?" She asked Mathias, knowing what kinda place the domino streets were at night."Why are you out here alone?" She asked.
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    Mathias hears her question and says to her "Well..I was visiting and playing with one of my friends from my neighborhood earlier this afternoon..And while I was visiting him, some thieves broke into my house, killed my mom and dad, stole all of our stuff and then exited the house setting it on fire once they got outside. The only thing they left was a letter which I got in my pocket. I only learned to read just last week..and I don't understand what it meant..but the letter the thieves left taped to our mailbox said ~"This is what you get for not listening to us."~ And that letter was all I could find. Everything else was burned up in the fire."
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    Anastasia Decided she had to help the kid, so she smiled. "Well I'm heading back to Europe- perhaps you could stay with my family there? I'm sure my Younger Brother Wouldn't mind, and my Older Sibling just doesn't like Kaiba." Anastasia decided it was time to tell the boy her name, "I'm Anastasia Von Schroeder...." She said. There she had finally told somebody her name.

    *Seto could still slightly hear, and flinched. "Von Schroeder?! A Von Schroeder warning me of another Von Schroeders Plans?!* Seto by now was very very confused.
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    Mathias nods and says "Okay. And it's nice to meet you Anastasia." He then introduces himself and says "My name is Mathias." He thinks about her saying Europe is where she and her brothers live and wonders what Europe is like, Mathias only knowing about Domino City and a very small neighborhood at that in the city, having not gone outside of it before today considering his age.
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    Anastasia smiled, as her personal Assistant Arrived with the Von Schroeder Jet. It has a Rose Insignia on it which said Schroeder, it was a Lavander Plane with Pink on it. It rivaled even Seto's Blue Eyes Jet. "Shall we go then mathias?" Anastasia Asked. The sooner she left domino, the sooner she could get home before Zigfried noticed she had gone to Kaiba to warn him.
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    Mathias nods again saying "Yes okay." He follows her to the jet. He then nods greeting her assistant. Then he thinks, knowing how nice Anastasia is and also how honest she seems to be, the fact that she confessed about the plans, to which Mathias himself didn't know much about, to who he suspects is the Kaiba person she mentioned to him of a few minutes ago. He begins of course to think about the older and younger brothers of hers, in which she also mentioned the two of them Mathias. And Mathias wonders what they are going to be like.
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    Anastasia Smiled, Heading back to europe with Mathias. She wondered how he would adapt to the Von Schroeder Lifestyle. "I hope you didn't think too highly of kaiba.." she said,"Because he's the enemy around my house. Not to me, but to my siblings." As she finished saying that, the Plane landed at a Castle Like Mansion. "Welcome to the Von Schroeder Castle."
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    Mathias "I guess you mean that guy you were talking to back there in domino city correct? And he is the enemy in the eyes of your siblings? Okay..well you don't have to worry to much about that..I don't know anything about Kaiba really..I never left my neighboorhood so I've never met anyone outside of it until I met you today.." He then looks to the mansion after they land and his eyes grow wide as he gazes out the planes window at the Von Schroeder family's home. He says as he blinks his eyes a couple of times "Wow. It's incredible. I've never seen a place like this."
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    Anastasia smiled, "It's even better inside." she said. She saw Zigfried, and quickly made her way inside.
    The Pink haired German brother of Anastasia, Zigfried Looked at Mathias and immidiatly Took a shine to him. "I Think I have room for one more person to live here.....he can stay."
    Leon Meanwhile, Hugged Mathias. "Yay i have another Brother!!!" He was bouncing off the walls in joy.

    Anastasia looked at Mathias, knowing full well. "You've been accepted here Mathias. As of today you are Mathias Von Schroeder........congradulations, little brother." She said
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    Mathias smiled happily at Anastasia saying that and nodded. He hugs Leon back while in his arms and smiles at him feeling happy to be his brother too. Mathias then looks to Zigfried after and smiles happily at him too.
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    Anastasia Smirked, whispering- "You realize you have to change everyhting however......"{BTW will Mathias become Evil like Ziegfried is?] "Can you duel at all? if not i can teach you.."{Mind sending me your OC's deck]
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    Mathias "Change everything? Like what?"

    (Will he become evil?..I haven't thought about it really..I mean even though I had my OC Mathias thought up in my head for a while, I guess I thought him up maybe a year and a half ago,..this is the first time I've tried him out in a RP because this is the first Yu-Gi-Oh rp I've ever really participated in. I've seen quite a few Yu-Gi-Oh Rps on here but I couldn't keep up with the other participants' posts so I didn't go that far in those before I lost track.)

    Mathias then says "My dueling skills? Uh..well I've seen several of them played on tv. And some of the older kids in my previous neighborhood dueled a lot. I've seen a few street tournaments from time to time in my previous neighborhood's park while outside playing with my friends. But as for me personally, I know some of the basics having watched duels being played, but I'm not very skilled nor experienced at it. So yeah sure. I could use some help.

    (Mathias' deck? Well I'll have to make one for him. But I have some ideas already for cards to use for it. So yeah. I'll send the list to you after I make it. But I'll have to make his deck after I get off work tomorrow afternoon.)
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    Anastasia smiled at mathias, "then i shall teach you." she said,but then reembered. "Zigfried may try to Get to you like he has leon....be aware of that...." She said, before turning up her music- the song blaring was Overlap by Kimaru.
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    Mathias nods at Anastasia's warning and says to her "Okay. I will be." He then says to her "And thanks for agreeing to help me with improving my dueling skills and experience also."
  19. [https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...-academy-current-arc-society-of-light.107484/ new 1X1]
    Anastasia smiled at Mathias, "But if you go into the dark.>I'll follow you down." she promised. She didn't know how right she was about that, which made her a little scared about it. "I swear if you turn evil.. ill save you."[Should he actully end up being her descent down? and can you take Siegfried? i'm willing to hand him over.]
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    Mathias nods to Anastasia again. He's not exactly sure what she was talking about in the terms when she says Zigfried would probably try to get to him, but has a feeling it must have something to do with what Anastasia had said in her warning to Kaiba earlier that day, the fact about Zigfried trying to corrupt Leon and Zigfried's methods on Leon working, while she and Mathias were still in Domino City.

    (Yeah sure. I'll RP Zigfried as well if you want me to.^^)

    Zigfried kneels down and hugs Mathias, just as Leon did moments ago, welcoming Mathias as his little brother, to which Mathias happily hugs Zigfried in return. Zigfried then retreats and ascends the stairs of his mansion going up to the 2nd floor and takes off down the hallway to one of the back rooms, the particular room he enters being his home office. Zigfried shuts the door behind him and walks to his desk and sits down at it, as he gets back into the train of thought about his plan to get his revenge on Kaiba and ruin him. He wants to do something that'll bring him Kaiba's popularity and success, while that same something will at the same time will drive Kaiba into ruin, or it'd at least make his family's business Shroeder Corp, best Seto's family's business Kaiba Corp if Zigfried isn't able to smear Kaiba's name to where it would ruin him. He's unsure of what actions he has to take though as of yet. But Zigfried knows that in order to take his rival Seto Kaiba down, whatever he does, it'll have to be something big.
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