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  1. Tulia looked around her room one last time. The whole room looked dull, since most of her belongings were now in her bag. She would not see this room, or the village, for that matter, in a long, long time. Possibly never again. She just wanted to get a good look of the place one last time before she left. Today, she and several other kids would be leaving the village. It was a tradition that the village carried out for many years- on the first day of summer, the teenagers of the village of Seadale, mostly one's who had turned fifteen, would venture out into the world. They were basically forced- they could leave, or they could be shunned by the village for not going along with tradition, and the same thing would happen if they came back to the village. Tulia thought the whole thing was silly, but she was kind of excited, if not afraid. At least she wouldn't be alone, though. Some other kids were leaving the village at the same time as her. Maybe they would adventure together?


    Nicholas sat at his dining room table, staring blankly out the window. He didn't want to leave. He wasn't cut out for adventure. Like all kids in Seadale, he'd been trained to use a weapon since he was seven years old. He could hit a target with his bow, but monsters scared him, and they were all around the land of Ehrys. He'd been taken into the woods by his father many times to fight some of the monsters that were there, but it never exactly went well.

    At the very least, he hoped he wouldn't have to adventure alone. There was a boat waiting for them now, that would take them from Seadale to TideField Town. It was a day long travel, so if they get along well, maybe they could travel together? He tried to remember who all was going... He was, of course, and a girl named Tulia... And two siblings, Nathan and Samantha. He might have spoken to them a time or two, but he could not remember.

    It would not be long now... His parents would come to escort him to the boat soon.
  2. Samantha was counting down the days she had left with her beloved family. She knew the she was going to miss the most was her little sister Angelina who was like a 5 year old version of her. Every night Angelina would cry because she didn't want her big sister to leave, and secretly so would Samantha because they bonded so much over the years. When the day came Samantha had the hardest goodbye ever she promised to write back every weekend, after that she was on her own she was pretty happy abut her freedom but she knew it just wouldn't be the same without her family she was at grateful that she would at least be in a group with a few kids. She planed to be make some friends along the way in the big journey that awaits her and her unknown companions.
  3. Nathan wasn't ready to leave the house he was too relaxed and chilled and also super care free. He stepped out of the house and took a long look at it because he knew that he would either die before he sees it again or he'll older by like 10 years or so . He saw his younger sister Samantha struggling with the luggage so he went to help and pull at least his part of it . I hope there is more chicks on our group then just my sister he thought as he was carrying everything he owned out of the village "Where are we gonna meet up with the our group"Samantha didn't answer and he knew why because of the stories of my fathers battle that ended his life here fighting the monsters to save our mother,because of the the story of her ex that died out here a few weeks after here left the village and ended there relationship, reality hit her as well as it hit me there is no way that we know we are safe out here my brain hurts from thinking so much I'll take a rest and leave it to my sis. Nathan thought as they made it to the point where they were gonna meet up with the rest of the group
  4. Tulia finally turned away from her room and went through the door and to her living room, Where her parents patiently waited for her. They looked up at her, and she said she was ready to go. Her father stood first, handing his daughter the sword he'd used when he was her age. Her tearful mother then stood, and they both held one of the hands of their daughter as they walked towards the door, now on their way to the boat.


    Nicholas looked up at the sound of the front door opening. His father stood at the door. "Are you ready to go, Nicholas?"

    Nicholas nodded, feeling sick. He wasn't ready... He just did not want to do this. Still, he stood up, grabbing his bag, and he walked with his father to the boat.
  5. Samantha sat on the green grass waiting for her new companions to arrive she watched her brother lean on a tree lazily trying not to fall asleep"when will they get here" she asked him, he just shrugged and kept fighting with his sleep.


    Nathan was just so bored and tired hr started to fight with sleep.he was tired of waiting he finally gave in and lied on the grass next to his sister and he slept quietly.
  6. Tulia arrived at the boat and smiled at both Samantha and Nathan. "Hello!" she greeted them. "I assume you two are going to be on this boat as well, are you? What are your names? My name's Tulia Rosyra." Tulia's parents didn't leave her side just yet, but they let go of her hands.

    Nicholas arrived soon enough as well, pretty much right behind Tulia. He nervously stepped forward and away from his father, waving slightly to who he assumed must be his new companions. "Hello..."
  7. "Hey nice to meet you,Tulia and yes We are getting on this boat you must be part of are little group I'm Samantha Pena but u can call me Sammy!" she waved at her parents then her eyes landed on Nicholas " aren't you cute" she waved at him then winked " I'm Samantha call me Sammy nice to meet you" she smiles friendly at his father.

    " Sup I'm Nathan nice to meet you" He smiles but when he sees Sammy talking to Nicholas he gives a protecting look at him . He greets everyone and picks up his stuff and Sammy's just to give a good impression. He and Samantha board the boat
  8. Nicholas blinked once, smiling and blushing afterwards. "Nice to meet you, Sammy. My name's Nicholas." Behind him, his father was snickering to himself.

    Tulia turned towards her parents. "I guess it's time for me to go," she said quietly. She exchanged hugs with her parents, and Nicholas did the same with his father, and they both boarded the boat. They'd set sail any minute now...
  9. Sammy sat across from Nicholas and let her brother rest his head on her lap as he fell asleep " This is my big bro" she whispered to Tulia and Nicholas. "We woke up really early". She informed them. " So tell me about yourselves" she whisper

    Nathan slept like a baby silently
  10. Tulia smiled. "Well... My father has trained me to use a sword since I was young," she explained. "I think I'm quite good at it. I don't know what I'm going to be doing or where I'll be adventuring to, but I can't wait to see the world."

    Nicholas crossed his legs awkwardly, smiling somewhat. "Ah, well... My name is Nicholas Stallith," he said. "I don't really know what I'm going to be doing later in life either, but... I'd like to help people. I might take up healing magic. My parents, specifically my father, taught me to use a bow... well sort of." He looked over at Sammy. "What is your weapon of choice? And your brother's?"
  11. " Well my brother and I have many weapons we were trained so that we can fight with what ever weaponry available, my personal favorite is the cross bow and bow and arow, his favorite is twin swords. aren't you guys existed for what is ahead of usbe honest".
    He woke up but pretended to be asleep so that he can listen to can the conversion.
  12. Tulia smiled. "I'm really excited! I can't wait to get to TideField so that we can start adventuring."

    Nicholas smiled as well. "I'm a little nervous," he admitted, "but I guess I'm pretty excited. As long as I'm with people, I think I'll be okay..."

    At this point, the boat had started moving away from the island, now going towards TideField.
  13. "Yeah its moving"she claped her hands happily.she looked at the island getting smaller and smaller then a wave of saddness washed over her she was gonna miss that village so much.

    Nathan saw Sammy sadden her expression aNd he sat up and conferted her." I thought you were asleep" she said " I was"
  14. Nicholas swallowed down the pain in his throat, trying hard not to cry. "W- Well," he muttered, "I guess that's it..."

    Tulia sighed. "I hope to go back someday."
  15. Samantha looked up at Nicholas and studied him,she shifted so that she was next to Nicholas " you know it's ok to cry" she whispered to him. She smiled weakly and tried to look cheerful. She crossed her legs

    Nathan left Samantha alone so that she would not get grumpy. He turns to Tulia" I hope so to but I really hate this tradition its like want us to leave"
  16. Nicholas bit his lower lip. He knew there was nothing really wrong with crying, but it wasn't something adults were supposed to do. His father never cried... And if he was going to survive during all this, he needed to get a thicker skin. Still, though, he nodded. "I know."

    Tulia nodded towards Nathan. "I don't think they exactly want us to leave, I think it's just the islands way of helping us grow up. It may not seem right, but they have their hearts in the right place, I think..."
  17. Samantha was laying besides Nicholas just thinking and lost in Lala land.she was pretty upset about leaving so she just starred at the sky for a while.

    Nathan was still talking to Tulia "hopefully it is " he said he kept the conversation going paying no mind to Samantha and Nicholas.
  18. Nicholas looked down at Samantha with a forced half-smile. "I'm... sure everything will be fine," he said quietly.

    Tulia nodded. "I'm sure it is," she replied, smiling.
  19. "yeah" Samantha turned and laid on her side facing Nicholas. "tell me when we get there" she smiled then closed her eyes .

    He was getting hungry " When is lunchtime" his stomach grumbled.
  20. Nicholas nodded. "Alright, I will."

    "Hm?" Tulia glanced up. "Oh, I guess we can make lunch now."