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  1. Waenyra walked along the forest path, her arms wrapped around herself. She considered running along the path so that she could get there sooner, but she didn't want to slip. Besides, she knew she wasn't far from her aunt's house now.

    She wondered what her Aunt Fera might be like. She'd never met her, and her deceased mother Lia never spoke about her often. Did the two of them keep in touch? Does Fera know about Waenyra? Did Fera know that Lia had died? She did not want to be the one to deliver such bad news, but she had a letter in her dress pocket explaining the situation. The letter was written by Fera's father, and it more or less said that Lia had died of illness and that Waenyra would be living with Fera from now on. She'd lived with her grandfather for a month, but he could not afford the extra mouth to feed. And besides, Waenyra had the witches powers, so it'd be best for her to live with someone who could teach her. Her grandfather could not use magic, and her grandmother, the original witch of the family, was not in good health. She wouldn't be able to teach Waenyra either.

    Waenyra hoped she was close. The rain fell even harder now, and it was only getting colder. She was tired from walking since morning. She brought a hand to her belly as it let out a growl.
  2. Fera was making a potion as she saw that she did not have the right herb that she need. She grabbed her rain jacket and walk outside. She know were the herb grow so it did not take long to get there and gather them. As Fare was walking home she saw a little girl walking in the rain. She walked to the little girl. "Why are you walking in the rain? Did you need something from my shop? If that is the case, then here." She said as she took her jacket off and put it one the little good and walked to her house.
  3. Waenyra was surprised to have run into anyone out here in the woods. The woman said she had a shop, and the only person who'd have a shop in the woods so far from the town would be a witch... This must have been her aunt.

    "Ma'am?" she asked timidly, looking up at the woman. "Are you Fera?"
  4. Fera looked at the little girl as she asked that. "Yes. May I ask who you are?" She asked as she looked at her house. She opened the door and let the little girl in and walked in after that.
  5. Waenyra walked indoors, glad to be out of the rain, and looked up at Fera. "My name's Waenyra," she replied. "I don't know if Lia ever told you about me, but... I'm your niece... Lia's daughter. Um..."

    She looked down as she pulled the letter from her pocket and handed it to Fera. Before Fera even took the letter from her hand, she became nervous of how she may react to it.
  6. Fera looked at Waenyra with while eyes. "What do you mean niece? What of my sister? What is Lia doing letting you wonder around like that?" She asked as she took her jacket and put it up. She walked to a chair and set down. "How is my sister doing?"
  7. Waenyra nervously sat down in a chair across from Fera as she considered what she was going to say. "My mother died about a month ago," she finally said, very quietly. "She... She was ill. The doctor said she'd be alright if she got some rest, but... one night, she just... She went into a coughing fit... I did what I could, but..." She looked down at her lap, now fighting back tears. "The doctor said that there was nothing I could do, that... nothing I did would have changed that outcome. I... I hope that's the truth, that it wasn't my fault..."

    She took a moment before continuing. "I've been living with my grandfather and grandmother since then, but they can't afford the extra mouth to feed. And also, I have the magic ability that you have and that my mother had... But Grandfather can't use magic, so he can't teach me, and Grandmother is in poor health, and can no longer teach me either... which... is why I came here, ma'am..." She looked up at Fera. "Au- Aunt Fera, I know this is all happening very suddenly, and I'm very sorry, but... I've nowhere else to go. M... May I stay here, ma'am?"
  8. Fera eyes open while as she herd that her sister was dead. She did not keep all in touch with her, but she was still her sister. She looked at Waenyra. "I see. I am sorry to hear that and I am sorry that you could not train with my mom and dad. And you are welcome to say here. And I will train you as good as I can." She said with a smile. Tears were going down her face knowing that Lia was died. She will kept her sister's child safe.
  9. Waenyra felt relieved when she heard that. "Th- Thank you, Aunt Fera," she replied quietly, wiping a tear from her eye as she looked up and smiled. "Thank you..." All she could really do at that moment was express her gratitude. She stood up and walked towards her aunt before hugging her tightly. All she could do was stay there for a moment.

    Finally, she let go, standing before her aunt with a happy smile. "Thank you for allowing me to stay with you," she said. "I can't wait to be taught by you, Aunt Fera. We can begin whenever you're ready... Oh, b- but no rush, of course. We can start tomorrow, after I've settled in, or perhaps in a few days when I've gotten used to the surroundings. O- Or whenever you're ready, really..."

    She stopped when a familiar growl interrupted her, and she brought her arms around her belly in an attempt to muffle the sound, but to no avail. Embarrassed, she sighed, knowing that whether she was going to be taught anything today, tomorrow, or at that very instant, she couldn't learn anything while her stomach was empty.
  10. Fera smile at Waenyra. "For one calm down. It will be a while before I start to train you. You do need to settle in and then you need to stay force." She said as she herd Waenyra's stomach. "When was the last time you have ate anything?" She said as she walked to the kitchen. She was starting to get calm herself as all of this to fast and there was nothing to do but to help her. She grabbed some food and walked back to the little girl. "Here you go." She said as she wonder what was going to happen now.
  11. "Oh, um... yesterday afternoon, before I left to come here..." Waenyra replied to Fera's question as she watched the woman walk to her kitchen. When she came back with food, Waenyra smiled, gladly taking the meal. "Thank you," she said as she made her way over to the dining table. She began eating, perhaps just a bit too fast.

    She looked up at Fera. "I'm sorry," she said, "I know I'm getting ahead of myself. It's just that... I haven't been able to really train in a while." She glanced back down. "I know this must all be happening really suddenly. I'm sorry for showing up on such short notice."
  12. Fera smiled at shook her head. "I am use to bad news. I am a witch. Well, lets get you some food ok." She said as she walk to an area. She then took some stuff and throw it in a big pot. "I will be an hour before it is done. Would you like to eat an apple right now?" She asked as she walked back to Waenyra.
  13. Waenyra smiled and nodded. "Alright," she replied. "Thank you." Still sitting at the table, she slid off her backpack and placed it on the floor to her left. She would put away her clothes and other belongings later once she had a place to put them.
  14. Fera smile as she grabbed an apple and gave it to Waenyra. She then walked was to the area and went back to cooking. "So, what did they teach you?" She asked as she added some more stuff to the pot.
  15. Weanyra turned around in her chair so that she could see Fera. "I wasn't able to be taught as much by my grandparents because of my grandmother's condition," she replied, "but she was able to teach me about some potions. And she allowed me to read about some easier spells, but I couldn't actually practice them."
  16. Fera grabbed and apple and handed it to Weanyra and then want back to cooking. "What potions did you learn? And I do not use spells. They are yea people fear use. You can not use the spells that you learn. Do you understand?" She asked as she steered the food around.
  17. Waenyra bit into her apple. "I learned about various healing potions, mostly," she replied. "And I understand. I won't use the spells I learned."
  18. Fera smiled as she add a few more things. "That is good. I am glad you understand. So, how are my mom and dad?" She asked as she barely get a hold of them.
  19. "They're doing fine," Waenyra replied. "Grandma is sick, and has been for a while. Grandpa is helping her get well again, but it could be a long while. I liked living with them... Grandma is kind and patient, and Grandpa is funny and always happy. They took care of me as best they could."
  20. "Yea. Well, I guess they did not need me after all." Fera said as she got the pot from the fire place. She put it next to the table and grabbed two bows. "Well, it may not be good, but it is something." She said as she pored it in the bows. She hand one to Waenyra.