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  1. Edith stared at her painting... It was finally finished. She'd worked on it for about a month, even having to start over a few times, but now, she had her world created perfectly. It was a path, but she didn't know where it would lead. It was clear that there seemed to be a forest in the distance... Maybe a mountain? What else was in this world, she wondered... villages, kingdoms, other people... There was only one way she could find out. She'd laced her paint with a certain potion... Now, it was time to see if it worked.

    She placed her hand on the surface of the canvas, and it went straight through, into the land she created. She could even feel the warm air of that other world. She smiled widely, and she placed her paints aside. She stared at the canvas for a moment, and she prepared herself to jump in.
  2. A fox sat behind a bush, it's eyes fixed on a girl dressed in blue. She turned around and looked at the bush for a moment, but then turned away. As soon as the girl started to walk away, the fox jumped out and pounced. The girl screamed.

    The fox slowly back away and grew. It grew dark red hair and clothes started to wrap around it. Now, it was a girl, her form half fox and half human.
    "Layla!" the girl wearing a blue dress shouted, "That wasn't funny!"
    Layla, the fox, smirked.
    "C'mon Aqua, don't be a wimp," she replied.
  3. Edith was ready. She loved adventuring... Now, she could adventure in her own world, that no one else knows of. Even she didn't know what she'd find in there. Without a second thought, she leaped into her painting.
  4. The two friends walked down the path towards Aqua's lake. Layla was now in her human form: her hair the same as her half and half form, but her skin was more life-like and she looked like an actual human. When they finally arrived, Aqua jumped into her lake and melted. Layla turned into a fox and leaped in, trying to find Aqua.
  5. Edith seemed to appear out of thin air in the world of her painting, several feet from the ground, and she landed hard on the path. She pushed herself up and looked around. There was a forest just down the road, and she wondered what could be there. She began walking in that direction.
  6. Layla swam through the crystal clear waters of the lake. Knowing that Aqua had turned into water, she was sure it would be difficult, no, impossible to find her. Instead, she just called out for her name - wait, she can't do that, she's underwater. Instead, she wished that Aqua would turn back into her human form.
  7. Edith walked down the path into the woods, looking around. In the distance, she noticed a lake. What could be there, she wondered?
  8. And with that, the water surrounding her started to swirl around and move away. It slowly gained a human form, the form of a young water nymph. "Haha! You actually wished!" she teased. Being a spirit of the water, Aqua could speak underwater. Obviously, Layla was running out of breath, and needed air straight away. She started to swim upwards, her friend following closely behind.
  9. Edith continued walking towards the lake, and she noticed what looked like a fox and a girl in the water... Without a second thought, she began running for the lake.
  10. As soon as Layla resurfaced, she took in a deep breath. Aqua came up behind her, and started to swim towards land. Layla soon reached dry-land, and shook her fur to get the water out. She transformed into her human form, and looked at Aqua, who had turned into a puddle for some reason.
  11. Edith ran towards the fox-girl with a smile on her face. "Hello!"
  12. Layla was slightly startled when a girl ran up to her and greeted her. "Umm... hi?" she said, confused. Aqua slowly became human again and waved.
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