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Hello! Come to look at some plots? Well you're in luck, because I have quite a few here I think you're going to enjoy!

Some quick things I want from a roleplayer:

1. Decent grammar, doesn't have to be perfect
2. Friendliness!
3. A unique and realistic character

Now, to the plots! I do prefer to play the female, but I can be persuaded to play the male fairly easily, especially if I can play the role I want.

*** - Craving
Character I would prefer to play.

Time Traveler x Dead Person?
Character A has somehow managed to go back in time, right before the death of Character B. As they are saying their tearful goodbyes, trying to say all the things they didn't say, Character B grabs their shirt and pulls them close, whispering harshly, "I will survive this." Though weird, you shake it off as their determined last words. Character A goes back to the present, and step out of their "time machine". Right beside them, a young person struts off, looking eerily similar to Character B.

Best Friend x Best Friend
Character A was nothing special, but Character B loved them anyway. Ever since they were kids, Character B was head over heals for their best friend. They weren't shy about it either, but every "I love you" and "please, give me a chance" went unrequited. That's what Character B thought, until one day when Character B lost everything. They start getting anonymous love letters, that they could almost swear are in Character A's handwriting.

Character A x Crush ***
The worst thing imaginable has happened to Character A: they have developed a crush. One moment they were creating ship names and obsessing over food, the next minute, they couldn't hear anything but the beat of their heart. To make matters worse, the person they like already confessed, like, ages ago. Character A doesn't even know why they like Character B. Character B only wanted to date them for shallow reasons when they asked, right? They were so rude. Character B couldn't possibly have liked Character A.

Character A x Dandelion Child ***
The day was lovely. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, it really was a sight to behold. A group of people were out playing in a field, one of them Character A. Somewhere amongst the games and laughter Character A decides to take a break. They rest their head on the grass and curl up right next to a dandelion puff. Their eyes twinkle as the whisper into the air, "I wish someone understood me." And when they blow, a tuff of hair sticks up in the air.

Liar x Liar
Character A is a compulsive liar. So is Character B. The question arises: Are they even really dating?

Stubborn x Stubborn
Two people who are incredibly stubborn end up fighting any time the topic of dating comes up. They keep watching to see who the other person is hanging out with, but refuse to admit that they like each other.

Coward x Crush ***
Character A is dense and Character B just can't seem to tell them that they like them.

Character A x Person in Witness Protection ***
Character A keeps dating Character B despite how crappily they treat them because Character B reminds them of someone that disappeared. Character C is pissed because they are that person but can't say anything.

A typical best friend x best friend with no specific plot ***

Internet Relationships

Rockstar x Character B
Character A is a pop/rockstar. Deep down, all they want is to lead a simple life. They go looking for love online, but quickly find that being themselves online isn't a good idea. So they create a fake persona, and find the love of their life. Now, to tell Character B they're being catfished, and that they're really a big-time celebrity.

Character A x Character B
Character A and Character B should be in a very happy relationship, however both are convinced they are being catfished by the other, and can't be talked out of it.

Student x Student
Character A goes to school with Character B. Yet, because they are so careful with what they tell each other online, neither person knows they could be holding hands in real life instead of just digitally.

*** A roleplay just about the struggles of an online relationship, eventually leading to them meeting for the first time (perhaps unexpectedly? I do have some small, cutesy ideas for this too. Oh, and some drama-filled ones!).

(I have many varients for these plots, including some with special souls. Feel free to ask about them! I also wouldn't mind mashing these plots together. :) )

Monsters are able to gift a piece of their soul to each other and often do so via a necklace. One day, a monster gives a human one of these necklaces as a symbol of their affection. A few months later, the human is attacked. However, thanks to the necklace, they are stuck wandering around with 1/0 HP.

Sans x OC, Papyrus x OC, or simply non-romantic
Sans has always kept a notebook. One day, when a new human enters town, he starts scribbling down every little thing about them, and makes a note of how many days they've been in Snowdin. The notebook doesn't reset, however. When Sans realizes what is going on, he also begins making notes about how many times their lives have reset, and on what day. One day, he opens the notebook, and sees 74 marks on a specific page.

LOZ Skyward Sword

Fi x Link or Non-Romantic (Open to OCs)
Finally, he has reached the end. It has now come time to put the sword back into it's pedestal. When he does so however, the world changes colors. It becomes a much yellower tone. At first, Link pays no notice to this, but when he turns around and sees Zelda with an outstretched hand, he suddenly realizes: he's in another spirit realm, and his friends are the monsters.

I'd also really like to do a SVTFOE plot involving either Starco, StarTom, or something with OCs.

That's pretty much it! If you like any of these, make sure to send me a message or post below! Thank you! :)


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Best Friend x Best Friend and Student x Student i am interested in.


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Alright. Do you have a preferred gender? And would you prefer to roleplay in PMs or in forums?
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