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  1. I'm looking for any kind of 1x1 roleplay idea. I do mainly MxM or MxF. I usually play the male dominant role. Plot wise I go for incest (BrotherXSister or BrotherXBrother mainly, but am open for other suggestions. ) TeacherXStudent, MasterXSlave, VampireXHuman, or just a normal hook up between coworkers or students and such. I'm not very picky so if you have an idea to throw out, that would be great. ^^
  2. I'm up for rping with you!
  3. Okay, cool! Anything you feel like roleplaying?
  4. Ummm I up for anything really mxm is what I'm looking for. What are you craving?
  5. MxM incest sounds good. Do you want to do some sort of character sheet or would you rather just jump right in?
  6. Yeah character sheet would be nice.
  7. For this kind of RP, I only require the name, age, and appearance which can be a description or picture. But feel free to add in Personality, Bio, etc. If you want.
  8. Oki, I'm on it. And I see you play dominant, so you have no problem that I'm sub?
  9. Nope. I enjoy being the Dom! And hello.
  10. Name : Kenta Izunami

    Age : 18

    Appearance :
  11. I'm interested!
  12. Hello ^^
    Are you open for an MxF, Vampire x Human roleplay? I've been looking for something like that.
  13. Name : Kiyoshi (Kiyo) Naito

    Age : 16

    Appearance :
  14. Im interested pm me!
  15. I'd be interested in a brother x brother
  16. i am also interested in a m x m roleplay. pm me please!
  17. I'd like to try the BrotherxSister one =^.^=
  18. Brotherxbrother? I have some rp ideas if you're still looking for people?
  19. Open to any of the pairings, and interested! (:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.