1x1 idea: The Books Are All Wrong!: Werewolves

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Original poster
I had this idea where you take a popular thing like vampires or werewolves, and portray them in a MUCH different light…and here in this version of an idea that could be used for many different things, I chose werewolves.

I'm cool with it being any kind of group, then we could throw in a vampire and one more chick, or a regular 1x1. Or a mature 1x1, etc.



The idea is that there's this girl who believes in werewolves with a fierce passion, going as far as to keep her eyes on a rather normal boy (Whom I'll be playing) she believes is a lycan. Her beliefs are often shattered, but she persists very often. She desires to be a werewolf herself, by falling in love with one, and having 'cute widdle puppiez.' as she described on a text once...

At some point, she gets harshly bullied, and goes as far as to give up her love for werewolves. This causes the boy to feel bad, and they go out on a date, where he promises to be her boyfriend after some begging.

Things get screwy though when she witnesses the fact that she was right, and the boy WAS in fact a Lycan. And she's bitten. But, she survives, and we all know what happens...

She becomes a werewolf too, later, maybe even has that 'puppy' she wanted before…How shall it all play out?!


Original poster
This actually sounds quite interesting to me. Not so sure the female character I'd play would be exactly like that (Main part "Cute little puppiez... would probably be texted "Cute young puppies" or something to that extent)

But definitely would be interested. ^.^