1x1 I am new to the sight and really want to start role playing

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  1. I like all sorts of role play but I do prefer to do ideas not ones based on anime/ manga
    I don't mind if it's lossy based on it though

    My idea. Am welcome to others

    There was a young princesses was born 200 years ago in a land filled with war and hate. Her parents with no other choice had to send the only child they could have away. But the child was not by all means safe as she was miss placed in the human world this is where she stayed and grew up with the people who had found her. But this peace would not last forever as she was reaching her 19th birthday strange things began to happen. As she always began to see things that where not there.
  2. A dark haired man enters the room. He appears to be just 17 and of some royal decent. He is dressed casually, with a white shirt and leather pants.
    "Excuse me, you're royal highness." he said with a sarcastic grin, "But it's already noon! Why won't you leave your bed?"
  3. As she roles over her dark blue eyes scanning the young mans face. Her hair was messed from the interrupted sleep from the night before. As she look at the boy she felt a haze wash over her. Sitting up blinking A few times she thought it a dream and nothing more
    "Noon already" she muttered more to her self then the young boy her self only being not much older then him
  4. A smile comes over his face.
    "Have you forgot what today is? Its the day when you prepare for your 19th birthday!" He exclaims with joy
    "Going into womanhood and your'e still a child at heart." He says with a grin. He walks over the curtains and pulls them open. Gleams of sunlight fills the room.
  5. As the light hit the room she covered her eyes frowning. The light stung her eyes slightly as they quickly adjusted to the brightness. She slid from the bed looking around the room before back at him she had never seen him in this place before so who was he.
    "What is your name ..."she paused for a moment so she could watch his face " and what are you doing here I've never seen you here before" she became cautious of the boy he was taller then her by at least a foot
  6. His eyes widened. "Did your parents not tell you? I am here to help you out. More or less my job here is to be your 'servant'."
    He blushes slightly. "Im sorry, miss. But my name is Matsu." He stops and thinks for a second.
    "How sad of me... but I have already forgotten your name. What was it again?"
  7. She garbed her dresses gown it was from fine silk but the young princess was far from a spoilt brat her farther treated her as if she was a son.
    "My name is Eza " she walked over to him her head tilting slightly she wondered why he was sent to her room she hated been treated like she was fragile she blew a lose strand from in her face
  8. "Eza... What an unusual name...I like it. It has a ring to it." He smiled at her as she walked by.
    "Why I was hired, I don't know. Im not even sure If im qualified for it." He chuckles. "I know you just woke up,Eza, but you can't be tired all day. Ill let you get ready."
    Matsu walks out of the room and into the halls.
    "Hmm. I hope I didn't give the wrong first impression... oh well. Plenty of time to make it up to her."
  9. She thought the boy strange as slipped out if her sleeping wear and into a short dress that come to her thighs. It was tight around the chest but flowed at the bottem. She strapped a small dagger to her thigh after pulling on her black leather boots.
    Walking out into the hall she could smell the burning of salfur in the air the harsh smell filled her nose as she took in another sharp breath.
    She looked around finding the boy standing just down the hall to her room. Pearling out at the window behind him she could see smoke of yellow filling the air. Once she had approached him the smell grew stronger "very well then I am ready but tell me something was there a breach larst night of the walls?"
  10. "sadly, there was. No word on who it was yet. All I heard was they damaged most of that section and left strange markings around the breach."
    His face scrunches up "The smell is almost as bad as the wall, too."
    He walks away from the window. "Come. This way, Eza. They're waiting."
  11. She stared out at the window trying to get a better look before she turned following him a slight frown creased her eye brows together she would much rather go check out the wall then follow him the curiosity was surely getting to her as she new one day she would have to take all this.
    "Where are we headed to ? Is it that important that we both attend"
  12. Walking down the hall at a slightly fast pace, he turns around. "Im not sure. Your mother has told me that she would help you get prepared for the big ceremony. Your father requested that I help him with some 'chores' around the kingdom." He slows down for a second.
    "Is everything okay? You seem... distracted?"
  13. She turned looking at him she new that her mother had I store would not be delightful on her end and he would be run off his feet by her farther
    "Do not worry I have a lot on my mind and much rather not go threw what my mother has planed"
    She looked down slightly at her feet as she fell into step with him easly
  14. "Well it wont be long till you're 19" Matsu says, trying to lighten the mood.
    "have you thought about what you wanted?"
    going down the stairs he notices Eza's parents talking amongst a group. There was a guard in the group. Matsu's face grew worried.
  15. She looked at his face as it become worried. But she could keep her feelings a little more off her face as the two approached there conversation began to halt as all eyes seem to be looking at the two teens standing there
    Eza had a strange feeling that they interrupted something big her hand balled up I to fists as thetension could be cut with a knife.
    After clearing her throat she took a deep breath looking at her mother
    "What's going on?..." She was hesertent to ask the question
  16. Her mother stares at Matsu, then at Eza. "Well, dear; there was an attack on the western wall. No one knows who had done it. All we know is the wall is nearly beyond repair and we lost some men."
    Her father with a grey face just stared out the window.
    Matsu's hand was trembling slightly but he managed to make his face appear calm. He fixed his sleeve, covering his wrist again.
  17. "Mother these attacks are strange I mean how do they even no how to take down our walls"
    She paused for a moment staring at her farther her face hard and un readable "farther I Believe someone is leaking information I'm not sure who but I do no this to be true"
    She spoke with grate wisdom in her voice but matsu could see the child with in her spirut
  18. Matsu just stood there. both hands shaky. He waited for her father to speak. But they stood in silence.

    His voice shaky, Matsu speaks up " I agree with Eza. How else would someone cause so much destruction in such a short period of time? Luck? It must be the work of a spy. But how do we find this traitor?"
  19. She smiled slightly as he agreed with her but she saw the furry in her farthers face. She turned looking at matsu with a soft smile wispering to him
    "Thank u for that but he isn't going to listen "
  20. " I will have none of that!" Her father screamed. "Now you, Eza, go with your mother. And Matsu, you will clean the dining hall. When that is over, you shall help out the guards in repairing the wall. Is that understood?"
    Matsu looked over to Eza and then back to her father. He just shook his head. "Yes sir."
    Matsu then Walked out and began doing as he was told. He looked back to Eza and smiled slightly.