1x1 HP Role Play



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Im looking for some people to role play with! I've got a couple of guidelines for my partner and if you don't meet them then you probably wouldn't enjoy role playing with me (it's not you, it's me!)

  • Write at least a paragraph (5-8 sentences)
  • Write in 3rd person only
  • Don't control my characters, only your own
  • Please tell me if you need to drop the role play
  • Be willing to double. You don't have to, but I would like someone to play a guy for my trans male OC
  • Be okay with a mix of canon and OCs
With that in mind, I'm looking at romantic role plays. I tend to be into cliches. Right now I'm really intoarranged marriages (particularly with people still in hogwarts) but if you have an amazing idea then let me know!