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  1. I have had this idea in my mind for such a long time, and I am ready to bring it to life. I am looking for a dedicated Snape that will stick with his personality but won't mind curving it a little as well. I don't want someone that will change him into a complete different person, because that will ruin what I have in store for him and my character.

    I will be playing my own character, and she will be a vampire. Although she is a vampire, the way that she was sired also makes her a witch. Dumbledore found her by happenstance and took her to Hogwarts where he has placed her under the care of Professor Snape.

    Snape is hesitant, however, he has no choice. McGonagal is completely against the entire thing, but Dumbledore is convinced that if Voldemort were to find out about her- which he will - he will try to use her as a tool during the War that is fast approaching.

    When Snape is not carrying out tasks for the Order and for the Dark Lord, he is at the castle training with Integra(me). She enters classes as a fifth year, and with her flawless appearance, it is easy to disguise her age. Harry notices that something is just not right about Integra - he's always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong - and mentions his concerns to his two closest friends, Ron and Hermione. They warn him that he is simply paranoid and to let off of it.

    Integra quickly catches on to what is going on in the wizarding world and has the greatest urge to be apart of it. Eventually, Integra is allowed to be apart of the Order and Harry's concerns about Integra were confirmed. Remus is the first to warm up to, being that he is not ordinary either and urges that they just let off of it. They would be hypocrites to think ill of her. They, however, like Harry, suspect something more than that about her just as Harry feels about Snape. Shortly after being welcomed into the Order, Integra will become initiated as a Death Eater and work with Severus as a Spy during the War.

    This will be a mentor-student relationship, however, down the line I would like it to develop into something more than that. I haven't yet decided if I want it to be one sided and have the feelings solely belong to my character or not. I'm also thinking after Voldemort kills Severus, my character will selfishly bring him back as a vampire.

    I am also willing to double!

    Name: Integra Graye
    Age: 20
    Normal (open)

    Transformed (open)

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    Integra Graye was born to a pureblood witch, and into a family that she would never know. Her mother died giving birth to her, unable to cling onto her fragile life. Her father's whereabouts were unknown to her these days. All she could recall was their home somewhere in Europe where her father enlightened her how she was brought into the world: he had seduced her mother, impregnated her, and with a little help from magic, he was able to keep her alive long enough to give birth. According to her father, he attempted many times to impregnate a pureblood witch without turning her. He got lucky with her mother. He said that it was vital for it to be that way. She was born immune to certain dangers her kind was still challenged with and with the blood that ran through her-or not- kept her under the radar. He said that one day she would understand why she was born and how important she was. That one day she would play a key role in the wars of men.

    Several years later, her father left, leaving nothing behind but an empty house. Alone and with no money, she set out for London in search for her family where she learned that they might be. Instead, she came across a man by the name of Dumbledore. He offered her help and he took her Diagon Alley where he purchased her a wand and took her to his school where he gave provided hospitality and education despite the arguments of McGonagal and his other staff members. He explained to his staff that with the rise of the Dark Lord, with her being what she was, if it were not for them she would end up in the wrong hands.

    She expressed knowledge and ambition, having studied as much of the magical world that she could on her own. She was quick to learn and made up for her lack of experience during the summer that she spent with the Headmaster and several other staff members. She was to be placed in classes with 5th year students so that she may continue expanding her knowledge for the remainder of the school years.

    After careful consideration, Integra was placed under the care of Severus Snape. Severus was hesitant, but because of her ambition, passion, and readiness to learn all that she could, Dumbledore explained that there was no one else better suited with the task.

    And so, the story continues...
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