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  1. Integra joins the Malfoy's as a guest at their manor after the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of Aurors. Integra plays a sweet innocent post grad. But underneath her mask, she has a malevolent plan: rid the world of Narcissa Black and take place at Lucius' side. She believes Narcissa to be inferior and their son a poor excuse for a wizard. She believes that together, they can be great, and remove anyone in their paths to greatness. Together, they can the right hands to their Lord.

    Name: Integra Graye
    Age: 18
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    Bio: Integra Graye was a well rounded young witch: She was gifted in Magic, a skilled Occlumens and Legilimens. She was a bright student, graduating as Head Girl from Slytherin House with high marks. Her father made this so. He was a Governor of Hogwarts School and wanted nothing but the best for his precious daughter. Her mother was the perfect wife, tending after her husband and daughter. They were also Death Eaters in the First Wizarding War. After Graduating from Hogwarts, Voldemort was on the rise and Integra wanted to be part of the uprising more than anything. During the summer of his return, Integra murdered her parents. Integra did not believe they were worthy enough to serve for the Dark Lord once again - if he even welcomed them back. They were very good and loyal followers. Everyone told her that, but she did not believe it to be so. She would constantly mention the great Dark Lord and they would cower. It was not loyalty, it was fear that gripped them.

    Aurors were blamed and she was invited to live with the Malfoy's as guest until she recovered from her trauma and took her place at Graye manor as the last decedent of her family. What was to come was not expected..

    I am willing to double if you wish.
  2. I would love the opportunity to place Lucius Malfoy for you, if the favor would be returned?
    Who are you comfortable with playing in exchange for Lucius?
    Also, I really like your character. :)
  3. Thank you for your interest! I have been waiting for this all evening! Haha. And thank you for the compliment *grins*

    Who did you have in mind? I am comfortable playing a male or another female if that is what you wish. :)
  4. Hmmm...I usually go for males, but I wouldn't mind a female/female relationship. :P
    How about I let you decide? That seems fair.
    Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Fred/George Weasley, Remus Lupin or just for kicks...Voldemort.
    Haha. :D
  5. Hmm. Interesting choices haha. I planned on playing as Voldemort now and again but not sure how well I would do full time. But what is life without a challenge? Haha. I could also play Draco or Remus. So now that I have weeded out some characters, which of those would you like to see me play most? :)
  6. How about Remus?
    He's so adorable, at least in my opinion. :3
  7. He is, isn't he? *snorts* Will you be playing as Dora or an OC?
  8. As much as I love Tonks, truly she's one of my favorite characters, I'd like an original character is that's acceptable?
    I have a mini-back story written for her already.
  9. Perfectly fine with me! :D
  10. Would you like me to post her profile here? ^^
    Also, thank you for accepting me! *hugs*
  11. Yes please :)

    No, thank you! *squeezes* ^_^
  12. Penelope "Penny" Valda

    Twenty-Eight | Former Ravenclaw - Half Blood | Occupation: Healer & Herbologist

    - Sorted into Ravenclaw for her intelligence, cleverness and studious habits...Penelope has always been intrigued by the mysterious world around her. She attended Hogwarts a year behind the famous Marauders. When Remus began missing classes that he usually shared with Penelope, the curious Ravenclaw sought to uncover the reason by his disappearances. Upon a frightening discovery at the Shrieking Shack, Penelope began cautiously avoiding Remus and, by connection, his friends as well.

    - Penelope was an excellent student and excelled in Herbology, proving herself to be a remarkably talented Witch with talents in the medical field. After graduating Hogwarts, Penelope accomplished three years at St. Mungo's before opening up her own clinic. She doesn't charge anyone to receive treatment, but her business is primarily focused on children or the elderly.

    - When Penelope entered the internship program at St. Mungo's, she was eighteen. During that duration of training, Penelope became romantically involved with her mentor. A handsome, charming and surprisingly flirtatious Wizard...Penelope was easily convinced into a sexual relationship and suddenly found herself in a terrible predicament. Shortly after her twentieth birthday, Penelope became the unprepared mother of a beautiful baby boy, she named him Luca.

    - As expected, Luca's father wanted absolutely nothing to do with the child and as it turns out, he's actually married. Forced into motherhood with a broken heart, Penelope and Luca resorted to their old friends for support. These included Molly Prewett and her, soon-to-be, husband. Molly, always willing to help children, welcomed Penelope into the home she shared with Arthur. Penelope didn't want to be a burden and only stayed a few months until she was able to establish the clinic and provide a life for her son.

    - Molly introduced Penelope to the Order and invited her to join, offering protection for Luca as well, but the suggestion was declined. Penelope felt she'd be endangering her son by becoming associated with such a organization. After the murder of Lily and James Potter, she was given validation in her beliefs.

    - Currently, Penelope continues to operate her free clinic and is raising her, now, eight year old son alone. She doesn't socialize with anyone from her Hogwarts days, but was recently contacted by Molly. Penelope has decided to seek the Order's protection, fearing for her son's safety as the war is continuing to spread.

    - The Valda clan, her father's Pure Blood heritage, has a genetic abnormality in their DNA. When a woman reaches the age of sixteen, their naturally colored hair falls out and they regrow a head of hair that's colored completely white. No-one knows why this happens, though. Penelope's son inherited his white hair immediately after birth, an extremely rare case in the family for the whiteness to arise at such a young age and to mention, he's the first male in the family to have the hair.

    - Penelope's mother was a Muggle, and she's dead. Her father, a Pure Blood, no longer associates with her. Penelope has no family, they disowned her for having a child outside of wedlock.


    * * *

    Luca Valda

    Eight | Half Blood

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  13. Very nice! I like her background, you've put quite a bit of work into it! That is why I like OCs, it brings your touch into the story. When would you like her and Remus to be introduced? Simultaneous meetings, I'm assuming? The death eaters coming about while the order meets during the summer that Harry is taken from the Dursleys?
  14. Thank you so much!
    I was worried you might dislike her. ^^
    Sure, that sounds wonderful.

    Also, I found this picture of Lucius for you~
    I couldn't reisist. Haha.

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  15. Not at all, I really think she is awesome! Very unique!

    OMG. I think I just creamed my panties. Thanks for that! Hahaha!

    I'll try to post shortly. I'm surprisingly alert right now even though I really should be going to sleep. It's either the caffeine or the fact that I am excited to start role playing again. If I do lost, it might be a bit short. If I don't do it now, I will post later this morning. :)
  16. Haha, no problem.
    I might be going to sleep soon, my eyes are burning so badly.
    However, I'm so excited for this role play! :D
  17. Do you want me to wait until you've posted for Remus? ^^
    Also, your introduce was lovely.
  18. Thanks! ^^
    Could you post in the meantime and I'll post for Remus as soon as I get home and can come up with a good intro for him. (Which be in like 2 hrs)
  19. Sure, I'll get something together for my opening post.
    I do apologize if my quality is a little mediocre, I'm very sleepy still.
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