1x1 horror stories

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  1. In this roleplay we'll have a bunch of horror genre short stories. One of us (Player 1) will control the main character, while the other one (Player 2) sets up the plot, controls all of the background characters, etc. Once the plot player 2 put out comes to a conclusion, either through player 1's survival, death, or otherwise, then we switch roles and player 2 now gets to be player 1 and vise versa unless both people agree that they don't want to switch. All of these short stories will take place in the official canon of this roleplay, so if one short story involves a serial killer attacking some guy, then another short story can reference that if it takes place after those events and the event became public knowledge.
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    The length of a short stories should be kept where it just involves one scenario. For example, there's a ghost in the house, then the short story will end once the character gets out of the house. If it's a serial killer, once the person gets away, kills, or gets killed by the serial killer then that short story is over. If the killer is still alive at the end, he/she/it can always attack again in another short story. As long as the genre is "horror", feel free to come up with any plot you want. You can borrow from already made legends such as Dracula, although it would be nice if we come up with our own ideas/lore as well. The plot is officially in the hands of player 2, although that doesn't mean you can get input from player 1. For player 1, you can always roleplay as the same character, should it make sense in the plot and they haven't died or something.
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    If enough people are interested in this, we can expand it from just a 1x1. There can be multiple "player 1's" going through the scenario as a group, or if the official "player 2" requests some assistance then the third person can help out that way by controlling some of the background characters or otherwise. There can also be two or more sets of 1x1's that take place in the canon of this roleplay. For example, me and guy number 1 become a pair, then two other people join and also become a pair. We'd be working in the same OOC but going through two different scenarios that take place in the same lore that we've created. That way if you want to keep roleplaying this but one pair doesn't want any extra people joining in for that scenario, you can team up with someone else and keep roleplaying this idea.
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    So is anyone interested? Hopefully we can start the IC on Halloween, so hurry up and decide if you're in. You can either start as player 1 or 2 because I don't care which one I am to start.
  2. Oh my!!! >w< Just reading this gets me excited! I LOVE horror stories and much more! I am willing to do just about anything! Including

    *Being the killer, etc.
    *Absolute Blood and Gore, not even funny

    And the list goes on C:
  3. Yay! My first victim! I'm more into psychological horror then blood baths, but I certainly won't limit you. This will be Halloween, so why not get grossed out as well? lol Just make sure it would still be scary without relying completely on gore, or else it wouldn't be scary and would just be gross.
  4. I study psychology so I understand. Mess with their minds. I like your style C:
    I've been told my best style is insane XD
  5. Yay for insanity! Would you like to be player 1 or 2 to start us off?
  6. By the way, I am moving accounts. Here is my new account. Player 1 C:
  7. Hmm...your status in your other profile says "stop trying to kidnap me", so...how about a kidnap plot? It will establish a supernatural killer guy who may be a reoccuring character. He has a haunted house, and your objective will be to escape it. It might be cliche sounding, but it will be Halloween so I might as well go with something like that for the first story.
  8. Sounds wonderful. <3 Do you mind making the forum or would you like me to do it?
  9. I'll start it up. Would you like to wait until Halloween like I had planned or should it start up beforehand? At the very least it might be tomorrow because I'll have to come up with more ideas about this plot.
  10. It does not matter to me, but I doubt I will be able to REPLY on Halloween.
  11. I'm planning on posting it tomorrow, a day before Halloween. I'm too busy today.
  12. Is there a specific state you want your character to be from? I'll edit in the location to where this first story is taking place once I'm finished working on it.
  13. It doesn't really matter to me <3 Anywhere will be perfectly fine for me,
  14. I'll go with Texas then. I'm about halfway done, so I should be done in around an hour or less. I don't want to rush it, however.
  15. Story #1 has been posted for our endless book of horrors. Your character is obviously the one this monster has just picked up. You can explain the situation your character finds him/herself in once they wake up in the room, or you can ask me what it should look like.

    Here's the link to the story: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=16319&p=440634#post440634