1x1/Group Adventure?

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  1. Hi all! I've been dying for an oc adventure, and I finally figured out how to advertise it~!

    Anyway, what I had in mind was a one on one long-term fantasy adventure, but I found that meeting numerous characters along the way can add a great deal of diversity to the story, and seeing new writing is always nice!
    I guess you can say I'm up to start anywhere in a setting, really, but I'm super flexible when it comes to that. Again, I'm up for doing 1 x 1, or just rounding a group up together and seeing what we can manage! :D
  2. I have been really wanting an adventure type role play myself! I love to play multiple characters because like you I love diversity in my stories. But if this gets more interest I'd be willing to give a group role play a go! :D I'm down for anything fantasy myself.
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  3. Oooh~! Fantasy? Sounds like fun! If It's a group roleplay, can I check it out?

  4. Sure thing! o/
  5. Oh, yay! Thank you!
  6. Alright so we three want a bit of fantasy journey type of deal. Does anyone have any plot ideas? Here's the ones that just came off the top of my head:

    -Three young people set out to collect an artifact/item for a museum, find the quest is more than they bargained for.

    -Two knights catch a thief trying to steal from something from a noble, the thief claims they need the item 'to save the world'. The knights don't believe them of course but events start to happen that change their minds. Two knights and the thief set out to set things right.

    -All is quiet in a peaceful city, until portals open up and enemy mages attack. Three people help the guards fight them off and then set out to see why they were attacking.

    And thats what I got so far. You guys feel free to toss in ideas or add to these. :3

  7. These are all pretty unique. I don't think anyone has ever tossed ideas like these to me. The second one catches my interest quite a bit, and I think with a bit more attention paid to the story, we can for sure work something out. :D

    But, would they be bound to realistic abilities, or is it possible that the knights ( and possibly the thief included ) are blessed - or cursed, even, depending on how you'd look at it - with powers from their affiliations?

    While the fact that this would be a fantasy story is still accounted for, I can't help but try and work out little things like these beforehand. xD;
  8. I'm rather fond of the second one myself. :3

    I am a fond lover of magic, curses, and the like. So they could be/use what ever means. Mage knights? Mage thief? What ever works for us I do believe. But I think we need a limit in their afflictions/abilities so that the role play doesn't get out of hand. Originally I aimed to play the thief but I have a paladin that I wouldn't mind playing also. I do love to play my paladin. <3

    And it's alright. I think certain things need to be laid out before hand. Especially magic and the elements of a realm.
  9. I like both the first and the second one. Maybe the thief wanted the thing to not only save the world but lift his "curse"? Or maybe whoever has the item gets great fortune followed by the curse and the thief wants to destroy it because he or his family had it before? Just some ideas.
  10. I like the idea of "lifting the curse". Perhaps it is a curse that effects his family but has the ability to effect more than just his family. But able to spread to others? More ideas thrown out here.
  11. Ooh.~ I like the whole 'spread-to-others' deal. We'd have to think a bit about the details around that, but I'm enjoying this brainstorm!

    There are several possibilities that could come along with the curse, but they all end up being related to modern-day virus' in my head, and I don't think we'd wanna' work along the apocalypse theme. :c
  12. There is always something along the lines of vampire or werewolf type of curse. Or some other type of creature? Say they have so much time before they turn and descend into madness?
  13. Ooh! That opens up a psychological route! It could be craziness too.