(1x1) FxM, Male partner needed

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  1. I have an idea for a Modern Romance :)

    A powerful company wants to give you a promotion as the Company head. Your perfect for it your handsome, Smart, and young but only one thing stands in-between you and the promotion and that's your dating status. Your known to date but your never tied down to anyone. The company wants a happy devoted man to sale the American dream they put out there with their magazine. They think you are not stable enough when it comes to dating and your excessive partying, Your not that type so maybe this promotions not for you.

    Then one day you hear a rumor floating around the office that a worker under you (( My character)) might be loosing there home. You take the opportunity as a good sign seeing you have a great idea forming in your head. You get your lawyer to type up a contract as fast as he can (( stating that you will pay large sums of money to pretend to be your girlfriend)) to give to the girl before the day is over. You approach her doing your afternoon break inviting her to dinner. She says yes and you smile because now the only thing you needed her to do is sign the papers.

    You arrive at a very fancy restaurant and wait for the girl to show up. She does and she doesn't look as polished as you but you can tell she tried. As she seats down the night of a crazy romance begins ((And also the rp begins lol))

    I would like an active partner if that's not to much to ask for

    I Like to use realistic pictures if you want to put an appearance

    I Like to put my partners ideas in the plot too :)

  2. You still interested in this? Pm me if you are