1x1 Female Partner; 1x2 Female Partners

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  1. Looking for a roleplay partner to help create and roleplay a story from scratch.
  2. Hey I'm interested. What type of story were you looking for?
  3. Fantasy, modern, Or anything really. We are supposed to make it together!
  4. Okay. I was thinking modern theme. What genre were you thinking of? We can PM to go over details :)
  5. I would be interested in possibly coming up with something!
  6. Great! PM me if your interested!
  7. I'm interested, though I will only be able to post weekly. I will Pm you in a bit.
  8. Okay just shoot me a PM! I am always open ^.^
  9. Are you still open? Please note me if you feel interested
  10. Yep! i am always open. PM me if you have any ideas!
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  11. Still open for Rp requests!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.