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  1. I am from +01:00 time zone ( Eu, Slovenia) And i am looking for a girl who has time to RP with me, I am online almost every afternoon and night (usually from about 5pm-3am), so if you meet the requirements and have time go ahead and send me a PM to continue this RP there!

    A thousand years old dragon opened his eyes on top of a hoard of treasure, his giant bones cracking as he lifts up his head, taking whiffs of his surrounding, his deep sleep was disturbed by something. He scoped his surroundings but nothing seemed out of place, but still the dragon was pissed. He stretched open his wings and lifted his body up. His steps echoed inside the giant cave as he stormed out of it, coins and golden trinkets flying around under his feet. He stepped out onto the ledge outside of his cave three quarters up a stone faced mountain, his Azure scales catching the light of the sun. The dragon lifted up his head and let out a fierce roar which echoed for miles and making terrified birds fly off branches in the forest below. The dragon stood still for a second, taking in his surroundings, he hasn't seen the outsides in hundreds of years. The echoes of his roar coming from inside of the cave didn't bounce off of anything unfamiliar to his memory, and nothing seemed to be near the mountain either, he didn't know why he woke up, but he was awake and angry. He started running towards the edge of the ledge, his wings moving giant amounts of air as they flapped and lifted his body off the stone floor, the master of the skies was back in the air again. He looked down on the forests overgrowing the area around the mountain, he saw the twinkles of reflected sunlight of modern looking buildings in the far distance, and he saw villages that had no more technological advancement then medieval settlements, his world changed.

    A man named Serath stood outside the wooden walls of a small village when he heard a roar echo from the distance. He looked towards the mountains on the west, the sun was high up on the sky so he tried shielding his eyes by raising up his hand, the mountains were several miles away, and by the time he heard the roar, the dragon was already soaring over bright blue skies. Serath saw nothing out of the ordinary on the mountains so he assumed it was something inside the forest. He travelled from a village far away to this one in order to find an opportunity to get inside of the city. The dystopian society inside scared him, but when he found out he could cast fire magic he felt the need to get education of the art from the mages inside the city, getting past the entrance guards would be a challenge tho. He took a step towards the gates of the village when suddenly the sound of giant wings cutting trough air made him stop. A giant mass flew close to the ground over the village, sounds of roaring flames filled the air and with one swoop the dragon breathed blue fire over the entire length of the village, half the buildings inside the walls were set on fire and the wind stirred up by the dragons mass made Serath brace himself in order not to fall over, tiles on rooftops were pulled after the dragon as he flew away and disappeared back into the cover of the bright sun and the sky matching his scales. Seraths eyes were wide and he felt panic set into his heart. His backpack fell to the ground next to his feet and he started running towards the gates, half to take cover and half to try and help the people inside.
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  2. I would not mind Rping with you
  3. sorry but i must ask is this set in midevil times? or a little father then that?
  4. I intentionally left that part open a bit, it depends on what you want the environment to be. The entire setting can be medieval, or you can make it so that technology is hidden behind the walls of the city, where the guard have laser rifles and everything, with only the outside world struggling without infrastructure and are left to fend to themselves without any kind of advanced tech.
  5. OHHHH ok i see now thats wow i feel stupid right now XD
  6. oh no! don't feel like that! It was actually a good question and I am glad that you picked up on the fact that it wasn't clear. I just like not being the only one who builds the world, so I just leave little open spots for other peoples input if I can. ^^
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