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  1. Looking for a partner to play across from my main character.


    Stefanne lives two lives. By morning she is the adoptive mother of her very young sister who she is the only remaining family left. At night, Elsa (her sister) is watched by a close friend who also has children. By night, Stefanne works at a strip club to help pay her bills and save for Elsa's education. She is also an escort, but she is very careful with her clients.

    One night a new man walked into the club, sat down and watched. Just watched her. He returned the next night and the follow. He never threw money on stage, but each night after her dance she would be given a collection of money from a patron who had left. Stefanne was sure it had to be this new man, as this started when he started to watch her dance.

    I'm looking for someone to play a man who wants to get Stefanne out of the life she's in but also be conflicted to want to buy her.

    Post here if you want to join. It'll be semi to lit, meaning at least one paragraph per post please. c:
  2. I am intrigued!
  3. I'm willing to make multiple threads since each rp is going to follow a different path
  4. If I get multiple offers.
  5. Ah, I understand! Sorry, t'was confused.
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