1x1 D/D x Little

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I've been wanting to try out a Role play with someone for quite sometime with this subject material.
A Daddy Dom x His little

I'm pretty open to the way the plot would go.

Perhaps it could be a woman who has never experienced this sort of relationship, who meets a man who has years of experience. He could open this world up to her, and she would discover that this is the perfect lifestyle for her.

Maybe go the other way, She would be an experienced Little, who could teach a man to be a Daddy dom.

He could go online searching for a little, he stumbles upon her, and they could try it out.

I'm quite open to it all.
I simply want the plot based off of this sort of relationship.

I am searching for someone to play the role of the Daddy. Just to clear that up.

Also; In case anyone has an interest, but doesn't really know much about the material, I'll post a link so you can get a gist of what the relationship is between the two. And how it differs from a normal Dom/Sub relationship.
Daddy Doms - Little Girls
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I'm interested in this if you're still looking ^^
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