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  1. (Warning~! This will have gore, violence, and swearing~! This could have a relationship between the two as well~!)

    A couple found dead this morning on 13 Oak Branch, in downtown Michigan were supposedly just getting home from work when an unknown person broke in their home. According to an autopsy the couple were missing their heart, all their blood and other vital organs, including some random bits of skin. However the murder weapon wasn't found and police say that they didn't know anyone who could do this. If you know anyone one who could have done this please call: 1-800-000-9999..... The news report ended and went on to another story. This has the creepypasta gang asking around to see which of their "friends" had kill the couple, but none confessed to it, so they shrugged it off. What will happen when a creepy pasta goes to investigate and find the one who did this?

    A male creepy pasta

    Real Name- Raven
    Creepy Pasta Name- Psychopathy the Insane
    Nickname- Psychopathy, Psycho or Psy
    Age- Around 100
    Gender- Female
    Biography/How they kill- Raven was born in 1914 as a normal human, but this all changed when a diseased bat had bitten her on her 21st birthday. She was found "dead" in a clearing in the forest by her father. The weird thing was that Raven wasn't breathing, had no pulse, had bat/demon wings and her skin was icy cold when touched, but she was very much alive. When she sat up she killed her father and ran off into the deep woods. Her mother was devastated to find her husband dead and her daughter gone. Why had she killed her father and run off? She was abused at her home by her father and her mother did nothing to help, but she lost her sanity after the bat had bitten her and turned her into a monster. Raven swore to kill all who did this to others, but would rarely kill others who did nothing for food. Raven kills in many ways, but her favorite way to kill is by biting their neck and taking random organs from them for her food. She then she takes their blood and stores them in blood bags if she isn't thirsty or hungry. She can't eat human food or drink water by itself or she will get sick, due to her being a winged vampire.
    Personality- She is normally kind to young children and people how haven't done anything to their family. She can be cruel and sadistic to people who harm their families or herself.
    Weapon- Her fangs, claws, her knife that is permanently stained with blood, or anything she can find.
    Likes- Blood, rain, storms, bats, kittens, killing, her wings and her crown
    Dislikes- Cops, dogs, abusive parents, and being around too many people
    Fears- The sun,being unable to fly, being captured and tortured
    Proxy-(Yes or no. If yes who is their master) Nope
  2. Hearing this late one night from the living room Toby though it was interesting and quite cool, for it had been quite sometime since the proxy heard a chilling and gruesome tale like this one. Sitting up Toby hoped out of bed with all intention of checking out the site of the murder, he often wondered what a human looked like on the inside when other Pasta's killed. He dressed into his clothes an took his hatchets from their place over his bed. He opens his bedroom window and climbs out and onto the tree that stood near his room.

    Once he was on the ground the boy pulls his goggles over his eyes and slip away into the darkness of the Slender forest. The forest was dangerous for humans for they will be caught in an illusion where they are to collect the horrible eight pages that in reality don't exist. Toby laughs to himself when he thinks back to all the foolish mortals that wandered into the forest and get trapped. The way they would pick up nothing and run from nothing. He often thought of posting videos of them online.

    The streets were void of life that night as he stepped onto the side walk his eyes squinting in the harsh yet dull lights of the streetlamps. His destination wasn't that far from the Mansion but he couldn't help but run there.
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  3. ~Psychopathy was alone in the house where she had murdered the couple, she was crouched down by the two bodies and she licked her bloodied knife. Her eyes where the only thing that a normal human could see and if they even dared to enter the old home she would take their miserable life from them, by force if necessary. She seemed to make a low purr as she thought of how to kill her next victim and glanced around the room and saw everything inside clearly, thanks to her enhanced night vision~
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