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  1. The apocalypse hadn't come as everyone expected it would. No human interference had caused some zombie plague nor had nuclear war struck the earth, no, this was random, it was as if the earth wanted a clean slate so sent everything it could to destroy the human race. Freak storms had torn down cities and floods had drowned whole towns. The few humans that survived the weather were dealing with harsh winters and killing summers, there was hardly a respite. It was in this world that Candice lived.

    Traveling constantly the woman never settled down, she scavenged what she could from the wreckage of old towns to trade for supplies in whatever settlement she stumbled upon next. She followed the milder weather, heading south with the bitter cold started to grip the north and then returning when the sun started to beat upon the earth. The woman never felt right when there wasn't a stretch of road laid out before her.

    Rising that morning she quickly pulled together her camp, kicking the ashes apart, and rolling up her sleeping bag. Her hair was falling out of the ponytail she'd tucked it into the previous night and she pulled it out to tuck the dark strands back into their place. Candice's hair hung to her mid-back and many times she had contemplating cutting it, but there was too much sentimental attachment to ever act. Throwing her pack over her back she allowed her brown eyes to travel over her surroundings, one could never be too careful when alone. Deciding it was safe she started off, leaping away from the slab of concrete that had served as her tent in the ruined city for that night. She stepped over twisted metal and broken glass, noticing how the city was becoming overgrown with vegetation with a feeling of sadness.
  2. In this waist land of former human civilization Dus decided that since humans no longer ruled over themselves, creating laws to keep order, he was aloud to do whatever he wanted. He quickly turned into a raider, killing people for supplies that he was too lazy to go out and get for himself. After a while he had enough food to last him months and yet he never stopped raiding. This time he stumbled upon a young woman, maybe a few years younger than he was, setting out from a bit of cement that he figured she had used for shelter. He half smiled, he had saw her fire the night before but when he went to kill whoever created it no one was their and he figured they had just left it for a different spot. She must have been scavenging.

    He followed her from the roofs, which wasn't difficult now, most of the buildings lay sideways or tilted and all he had to do was step over a small gap to the next one. He felt around for his pistol that he stole from a police station a while back. Ammo was getting scarce now, he had to save his bullets and would only shoot her at close range when he could sneak up and get a clean, one bullet shot.
  3. Candice approached what had once been an apartment building, reaching inside to open up the door though the broken windows. Starting with the bottom floor she went over the apartments with a fine-toothed comb, drawing out anything that could be seen as valuable. The apartments had been ransacked, probably multiple times. Most of the doors swung crooked on their hinges and nearly everything was torn apart. She only gave a cursory glance to the kitchens, already knowing they'd be empty. Food was the hardest thing to find, and Candice had found that she was being trapped closer and closer to settlements because there was little food to be scavenged up. Maybe she'd ask someone to teach her how to hunt.

    Laughing at that idea, who would teach her? All of her family had long since died, she was alone in the world. Shaking her head she started up to the second floor, repeating the process of searching for things that she could barter with. She paused on the 3rd floor, sighing as she once again found an empty apartment. The cabinets in the kitchen weren't ripped apart and she opened each one to see what they held. With a brilliant smile she brought out the half-empty bottle of rum that rested there,
    "Hello Captain." She muttered. Tucking the bottle into her bag she surveyed the rest of the rooms. She knew what foul odor was filling the air even before she opened the bedroom. On the bed was a rotting body and Candice went to it, searching the pockets for anything valuable. Not finding a thing she fell to the floor to scan under the bed, hoping that if anyone else had come along the apartment they wouldn't have looked too hard in the room with the body.

    With a brilliant grin she pulled out the package of crackers, better than nothing, they'd go down with a few swigs of the rum. Not finding anything else she stood and heard a crash, jumping and pulling out the machete she used for protection she walked out and saw one of the decorative plates that had rested on a shelf had fallen to the ground, the tell-tale scrabble of rats told her that the rodents must have knocked it over. With a shudder she decided to leave, it looked like she wouldn't be finding much on this venture. Heading to the 4th floor of the 5 story apartment she started her search once more.
  4. Dus had walked around the apartment the woman had entered to find there was only one exit. He smirked, jumping her right here after she scavenged would be the easiest thing in the world. No one would double check the area they had already fully searched. It was, for the most part, unnecessary. The idea of someone being anywhere near this building was unthought-of. Seeing another being, unless near one of their flimsy towns, was almost impossible. He normally followed people that straggled from one of the towns sent out to scavenge. Most of the time they had two or three days worth of rations that would last him a while.

    He followed her up slowly, making sure to keep in the shadows as he had done so many times before. He noticed she found a bottle of rum and smiled. That was a rare sight. She had left the room and a couple of rats knocked over a plate as he was standing in the kitchen area looking around. Quickly he turned around and hid just before she peeked out from the room with a machete. This was even better, she had to gun. Things were looking up for him.

    He had gotten a good look at her face and was astounded. She was absolutely gorgeous, it was a wonder why she wasn't raped and killed yet. He smiled, he could do that for her. As she walked out and went to the next floor he headed down stairs and got ready to jump her. He had not realized the roof had a way to get to the next apartment.
  5. Candice cursed as she searched the last apartment, above her was the roof and she was damn sure that that didn't have anything. The day had been mostly fruitless and her stomach growled. Scowling she placed a hand over it and climbed the last flight of stairs to the roof. Looking over she saw the apartment across the street was fairly close, if she wanted she could easily jump over to the tilted roof and get down to the street. She looked out over the ruins, sighing as she glanced up, the sun was hovering over her head, she'd easily wasted hours and come up with nothing.

    Shouldering her pack she cast one last look around before swiftly heading down the stairs. Every so often she paused to listen hard, something she'd learned to do after she'd gotten jumped by a group of people who had left her, bruised and bleeding, to die as they walked off with her things. She didn't hear anyone so she continued down. She was nearly on the bottom floor when she paused again, listening. What she heard made her heart leap into her throat, she heard someone breathing. At an earlier point in her life she might have approached them, but she was too paranoid to do so. Turning she sprinted up the stairs, heading to the roof and to the other building in hopes of avoiding whoever it was. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to sprint and make a lot of noise but if someone was down there without knowing she was they would probably bolt as she had. If they knew she was there... Well, her stopping and heading back upstairs would be just a suspicious. So she sprinted.
  6. He almost cursed himself. She was smarter than she looked and he made a careless mistake. Instead of holding his breath like he did with the 'trained' scavengers from the towns he breathed normally and she had clearly heard him and scampered off. He frowned knowing it would be too dangerous to chase her. He ran out of the building hoping to play a mind game with her. He wanted her to think he was just like her, defenseless. He stopped outside the building in what used to be an ally way. He would be careful this time, she only had one place to escape and he had that covered.

    Now that he was waiting for her to come out the door, still unaware she found another way out, he thought of her face, her body. It still bewildered him, How could such a beautiful girl last so long? Those were normally the ones that were the first to go... all it took was a big group or a sly man. That though made him smirk, he would be the sly man.
  7. Candice didn't stop until she'd reached the roof. Once there she leaped to the other roof, landing and running to the door. She was inside the building and stumbling down the stairs until she collapsed. Clutching her machete she listened for signs of anyone following her, not hearing anything she allowed herself to regain her breath, panting heavily. Standing on shaking legs she started jogging down the stairs, she went to the door in the back, barely opening the heavy fire door to peek outside. It opened into a yard and she scowled, not particularly wanting to jump a fence. Closing the door as quietly as she could she crept to the front door, slowly opening it and creeping out. Glancing around she started away from the apartment, her legs shaking with the exertion of running up 5 flights of stairs then down 5 flights of stairs.

    She didn't run, it would cause the items in her bag to make quite a bit of noise, instead she walked, keeping to the shadows and constantly looking around for signs of a follower. Her heart pounded, lodged in her throat, each beat telling her she should run. Where would she run to though? Away was a very vague place, she didn't know the city yet. Her fear was enhanced by a memory of her last interaction with an outsider. She'd split his skull open with her machete just as he was unbuttoning her pants. Usually Candice was able to get away, but a few interactions with people previously had left her and them bloody. When she had seen her little sister killed she'd lost a lot of her humanity, she felt no remorse for stealing, and very little for killing. She didn't go around hacking at people but if they came after her she'd attack.
  8. He watched her as she walked out from a different building, she was indeed a clever one. He could see her exhaustion though, in her panic she managed to wear herself down. It might have been a good time to attack regularly but she was too on edge. He wanted her unharmed when he took her which meant he needed to jump in and catch her off guard. He figured when she was going to sleep it would be easier to sneak up on her. He would make it seem like he left, like he had been frightened and left the town.

    As he followed her on the roofs he let his mind wonder. What if she was still a virgin? That would be nice, he would know no other man had tapped her yet. If she was, or even if she was cute enough, he may just keep her as a pet. A cum bucket, that would be worth the extra mouth to feed. He might even be able to feed her his cum as part of her meal.
  9. The rest of the day was spent with Candice on edge. With night steadily approaching she knew she shouldn't stay out in the open. Coming across what appeared to be an old library she wondered if any of the books were still intact. Casting a glance around she opened the doors, entering the building she jumped over the desk, deciding to sleep curled under it and out of view of anyone who could enter the building. Opening her bag the brunette tugged out her sleeping bag then shook her head, she didn't want to have to scramble out of that in a tight spot. She pulled out the over-sized coat that she wore when it rained or when the temperature suddenly dropped and put it on.

    After getting everything that needed to be packed up put back in her bag she inspected her bounty. The half-bottle of rum was probably the best find she'd had. A trip through a house had turned up a can without a label and a dented can of juice, and then she had her crackers. Hungry and unwilling to wait she grabbed the can opener from her bag, opening up the can to find spaghetti-Os. Hungrily slurping them up she quickly finished them off and wiped her mouth with her hand.

    Setting aside the can she tucked everything in her bag, prepared to leave if she had to. Laying down she pressed herself against the underside of the desk and felt her eyes shutting as she drifted off to sleep.
  10. Dus had been watching her, she scavenged a couple other places though he did not go in to see what she had found. She was on edge just about the entire day, to him it was kind of amusing to watch her whip around thinking she heard someone. Her panicked face was priceless. As he followed her he would keep thinking about all his possibility's. All the uses he could get out of her. She certainly was beautiful and resourceful. After he had broken her she might prove to be the best investment he ever made.

    A silent smile crept over his face as she entered the library. He knew hundreds of ways into there, and the only well off place to hide was under one of the desks. He went in through a side 'door'. Actually it was door-less, for some reason or another someone stole the door. He couldn't think of why anyone would want an old rickety door, their were plenty more that were prettier and sturdier but it was not his problem. It was the idiot's problem, now he got to run around with a large red target...

    As he crept inside the library he found her, she was eating out of a can, showing him everything that she had scavenged from earlier that day. It was nice to see she hadn't drunken any of the rum, though it would make her sleep sounder he wanted it. It would be nice to have some of the stuff after such a long time of not having even a small sip. She soon enough started to doze after eating her spaghetti-Os that she carelessly left off to the side. It was empty, he was sure of that after seeing how hungrily she ate it but it still could attract vermin... not that it mattered much.

    He walked over to the sleeping woman, she had a nice thick coat that he felt could be useful later on. He smiled, she didn't seem like a light sleeper. Regardless he waited a good ten minutes for her to be in a deep sleep before tying her legs together and stripping her of her jacket. He wondered if he should wake her up but soon enough decided against it. He slipped her shirt off before tying her hands together as well. He looked at her, even her body was perfect... despite the lack of food she still seemed tone.
  11. Candice came awake slowly, wondering why she was so cold. She opened her eyes and looked up, seeing the man. Sitting up she was disoriented because her hands and feet were bound, how asleep had she been? She noted she wasn't wearing her shirt anymore. Wide eyes flicking around she darted past him, reaching for her bag desperate to get to her machete. If she could get to that she could beat him back. In the back of her mind she was going through what was happening, she was shirtless, tied up, with a strange man in front of her. It was safe to bet that if she didn't get away she'd get raped, she felt utter revulsion towards that idea, she was not about to let her virginity be taken by this brute.
  12. He smiled at her attempt to escape, it was cute. He stood up from where he was leaning and took the bag away from her before she could reach it. "Why hello." He said with a smile to her. "Nice for you to join me." He said still cheerful like nothing was going on. "I like your bra, very trendy." He 'complemented' her as she sat in front of him. He was toying with her right now, he knew she knew what was going to happen so might as well draw out the feeling of fear. He stood up and took a drink of the rum. "Want some? Its very good." He said as he brought the bottle to her lips so she could get the faintest of a taste. Her arms were bound tightly behind her, she couldn't do anything to him right now.
  13. Candice glared up at him, shaking with a mixture of fear and anger, she wouldn't get out of this, not unscathed. Her heart began to hammer in her chest as she wondered what he'd do with her after he was done. He pressed the bottle to her lips and she tasted the rum, just a tiny bit. She closed her eyes and took a breath to steady herself, her stomach turning as she contemplated the possible actions she could do to try and escape. In the end she settled on flattery and acting like she actually wanted him. Maybe she could convince him to untie her. She looked away from him, the angry flush on her cheeks could be mistaken for a blush as she spoke in a sweet tone,
    "Why you flatter me so. Perhaps you'd offer me the chance to see what underwear you are wearing." Her heart felt like it was climbing up her throat and was going to be expelled from her body by the way it pounded in her.
  14. He could see her lick the rim of the bottle, she wanted a good taste but that would be a waist of something perfectly good. He watched her as she thought, and was surprised when she started to sweet talk him. He didn't want her happy... not yet... "I don't think you will be able to see much." He said with a smirk as he put a blindfold on her. "I hope your aroused." He said almost laughing as he started to slide her pants down and rubbed a little between her legs. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. This would be fun, very fun.

    He took a rope and tied it around the knot holding her hands together then tied the other end to a sturdy book shelf. He doubted she would be able to pull it down, even if she used her full weight. A full grown man couldn't even do that. He left her on her knees and admired her body, though he couldn't quite see all of it yet.
  15. Candice struggled against the blindfold, trying to get away from him and failing. When he started to pull down her pants she couldn't help but clench her legs together to try and stop him. His hand touching her felt awful, she tried to move, to do something, to fight. She failed and when he tied another rope about her hands she started shaking her head,
    "No! Don't do this!" she struggled against the rope, pulling herself up as she realized the rope was connected to something. It didn't do her much good, though she was now standing and rubbing her face against her arms to try and remove the blindfold. She felt tears start to slip out due to her hopeless situation, did she want to see him? It wasn't like she had any police to identify him to so they could catch him. Fighting tears the woman grit her teeth and struggled violently with the rope, her wrists starting to ache with the amount she struggled.
  16. He smiled, he had a suspicion she was trying to get out of it and now his suspicion had been proven. She was struggling, fighting to protect what lies under the thin piece of fabric. Took of his pants and slid off his boxers so he stood in front of her with his little friend waiting for action. It was slightly large than average, mainly because he was a bigger guy, and it was already hard from him just thinking about her. He hadn't had a girl in over a year now and he intended on enjoying this one. He forced her jaw open, "If you bite it I will beat you to death." He said coldly knowing what he had just said must have put chills down her spine. She knew what hole he intended on starting with.

    He slowly stuck it in, "If you please me I might spare your other holes... and your life." He said with a smirk as he waited to see if she would at least try.
  17. Candice shook as he forced her jaw open and stuck himself into her mouth. The taste made her want to gag, she wanted so badly to bite him, wanted to draw back and head-butt his 'little friend'. Instead she swirled her tongue around his head and took more of him into her mouth. Using her tongue she wet him and started to bob her head. She had little knowledge as to what she was doing, she was mainly working on what she had learned from her friends before the apocalypse had struck when they had been trying to get her laid. Drawing back she licked the underside of him, the grimace on her face must have made her opinion of what she was doing clear. Finding the head of the man she hoped that he was being honest in his offer as she started to bob her head once again, rhythmicly in and out, back and forth.
  18. "That's a good girl." He said as he felt her move her tongue around the head. He put his hand on her head and left it loosely there as she bobbed back and forth. She started to pull back and he almost smacked her but he realized she was licking his balls then went back to sucking on him. He smiled seeing her face, she clearly didn't like what she was doing even if she was doing it really well. He had a depressing feeling that she wasn't a virgin anymore. That wouldn't do, if she had nothing to give him for her life besides a spot to dump cum he figured she might as well be dead. He considered shooting her right then and there but figured he might as well wait to cum then test to make sure she wasn't a virgin before resting a bullet in her head. She was beautiful but didn't seem to be submissive... not very cute.
  19. Beneath the blindfold her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, when would this be over? She could only hope he would leave after he came, leave and not take her virginity. It was a little odd considering the circumstances, usually during an apocalypse people had sex quite a bit, it took one's mind off the horrors around them. Candice had never fallen under the temptation to do anything with anybody. She'd been raised in a strict religious household and while she'd in the end rejected the religion the moral of 'no sex until you're married' had always stuck with her. Sure she'd had boyfriends who had tried to get her to do something more, they'd all failed. She knew about kissing, making out whatever one wanted to call it, but she'd never felt comfortable enough with a man to let him take her virginity.

    It seemed so wrong that she might lose it to this man, she hated him. She hated him for making her do this and she hated him for his threats. Angry tears poured from her eyes, maybe a tinge of sadness was in them as well because she felt a sob rising in her. Pulling back from him she took a gasping breath and started sobbing. What was the point anymore? It wasn't like she had anyone to go home to, she had no home. Could she live with herself if she did this to him? She wasn't so sure.
  20. He was displeased with her sobbing. He wanted to cum in her mouth, give her what could be her last meal before she broke out into sobs. His hand tightened on her head and he forced her mouth open. He pushed it in all the way so it was a quarter of the way down her throat and started to roughly move inside of her. After only a minute of never leaving her throat he pulled back and let her gasp for air. A second later, before she could even catch her breath he pushed it back in and came. After he filled up her mouth he didn't pull back until she was forced to swallow his cum. "See, you will feel much better if you be a good girl."

    He wiped the tears from her cheeks. "You didn't quite please me. I'm sorry." His voice sounded sincere but if she could see his face she would know he wasn't. As he 'broke' the news to her he had a wild smile on his face. After that he Ripped off her bra and slid off her panties. He took her feet and stretched them out so she was laying down and tied them to the desk. "If you don't stop struggling I wont be gentle with you." He warned as he started to play with her body. He went for her breast first but the entire time he was looking at her vulva.